12 Days of Holiday Gifts for CrossFit Athletes

12 days of crossfit holiday giftsHoliday gift giving for your favorite CrossFit Athlete is easier than you think!

Hard to pick out something – check out this list of knee sleeves, jump ropes, foam rollers, CrossFit hoodies and t-shirts.

You know everyone one on your list is gonna dig this stuff.

Check out the TOP 12 CrossFit Athlete gifts for Christmas.

Day #1
rehband knee supportYou see them worn at The Games, during competitions and in the box. Rehband Knee Sleeves are on every Oly lifter’s wish list this season.

Traditionally, they have been worn to provide support and warmth to the knees during heavy lifting training sessions.

Now athletes find they are just as important to wear during pistols, overhead lunges and most every other WOD your trainer can come up with.

Video – Adipowers vs Inzer vs Rehband sleeves Review

Check out Rehband Knee Sleeves @ WODSuperstore.com

Day #2

A patented contoured fit to your hip and ribs, the Schiek Lifting belts are made for support and comfort while heavy lifting during your WOD.

“Great Belt. Comfortable and does not require time to break in. Easy to adjust and can be adjusted quicky depending on what your are doing in the WOD” says one reviewer of the Nylon Lifting belt by Schiek.

Day #3
Is your athlete training for the OPEN? Then the Titin Weighted Shirt will take them to the next level of CrossFit® training. Videos of your favorite Games level athletes wearing the Titin wighted shirt while training are all over the web. The reasons are many. 8 pounds of gel inserts can be heated or cooled for added muscle therapy. The snug fit, unlike the traditional weight vest, won’t bounce off your chest during your workout. Check out what Games Athletes, Becky Conzelman and Chris Dozois have to say about the Titin Weight Shirt in this video review.

Day #4
Prosok was created by athletes using a revolutionary design hygroweave proprietary bamboo blend. PROSOK V2 Crew High Performance Bamboo socks
Engineered to form fit and massage your feet as you wear them in any condition. Great for GORUCK events, CrossFit workouts, mtn bike rides and long endurance trail runs. Professionals count on Prosok!!

Day #5
RPM Speed Rope 2.0
The smoothest, most accurate speed rope on the planet, the RPM Speed Rope 2.0 has arrived. 50% Lighter handles, made of all metal has made the best jump rope even better. Whether you are a double under king or queen or a complete newbie, you will love the feel any the RPM Speed Rope 2.0 has. Easy to customize your correct length and comes with a great drawstring bag that will keep your rope neat in your bag between WODs.

Video – RPM Speed Rope

Day #6
What girl doesn’t want a little box of jewelry under the tree?

Fashletics is a collection of handmade jewelry and apparel inspired by fitness.

A pair of Kettlebell sterling silver earrings or a hammer textured dog tag keychain also make a great Secret Santa gift for friends at the Box.

Day #7
rogue fight shortsCrossFit fight shorts have been a favorite of CrossFit® athletes for years and we think these brands will be a very popular Christmas gift this year.

Check out the CrossFit Fight Shorts by Rogue

These shorts get great reviews and are at a good price. Tons of room for workouts, swimming or martial arts.

You may want to sport these at the beach.

Day #8
PR’ing your WOD doesn’t come without some aches and pains so, give the gift of massage with the Trigger Point Therapy Grid foam roller.

The Grid can be used during your Pre-WOD warm up to loosen up tight, sore muscles or great for those Post-WOD cool down sessions.

The compact size fits neatly in most workout bags and will become your new travel companion to the box or competition.

Day #9
We didn’t forget the smallest athletes in your family. Unwrapping a kids sized barbell from WOD Toys will make Santa their hero.

Gift the gift of fitness this year to the most important people in your lives.

Your lifestyle will become your kids lifestyle. These WOD Toys are a perfect way for the little ones to “join in” the fun with you.

Day #10
If your spending a lot of time in the gym you gotta have a few pair of shoes for the new year. Check out the Alta Zero Drop shoes that are great to bust out a WOD. Altra states, “If you have foot pain, you need more cushioning; If you have knee pain, you need less cushioning.” Well I have been having serious plantar fascia issues lately and could hardly run 5 miles without limping the rest of the day. So I bought these shoes just to give them a try. Well, not only did my feet not hurt, but I was able to run faster than usual because my legs were able to focus on just running instead of trying to reduce shock so much.

Day #11
All CrossFit athletes can use a little extra protein in their diet. Check out protein supplements from Nutriforce to stock up your cupboard for the new year. I was really surprised to see that NutriWhey was offered on Amazon and very much delighted at the same time. I had an opportunity to try this at the 2013 Crossfit Games and fell in love with the recovery drink. Thank you for shipping this product to me in a timely manner and having it available at a reasonable price. I will be purchasing through you in the future! LOVE THIS!!!!

Day #12
Check out an WODSuperStore E-gift card if your not sure what to give and gift wrapping available.

Check out these questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What are some good CrossFit competition gifts? Check out the list above as any CrossFit athlete would dig on the goodies.

where can I find out more info on CrossFit? Check out the main website here:

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12 Days of Holiday Gifts for CrossFit Athletes

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