DIY CrossFit Equipment Tips

We started out with humble beginnings.  First in the driveway with bodyweight workouts and then the local track.

Eventually we made our own jump ropes and moved into my garage to get out of the rain.

Over time we built some plyo boxes and sand bags and added a few weights to our minimalist workouts.

Check out these great tips and videos to build your own CrossFit equipment for your garage gym.

Video – Sandbag for workouts

Check out Sand Bags and Kettlebells @

The sandbag is one of the most basic pieces of gear that you will definitely need for your garage gym. You can use the sand bag as a kettle bell and swing it or press it up overhead like a barbell.

Your imagination can run wild as there are many different pieces of homeade CrossFit gear and equipment you can make yourself for your garage gym.

Video – Make your own equipment for CrossFit garage gym

a great CrossFit medicine ball workout is –

Karen workout

150 wall balls for time.

give it a go and log your time in your training journal.

Video – DIY CrossFit Equipment Tips – How to make your own gym rings for a CrossFit garage gym

Check out CFF pit bull wood gym Rings @

CrossFit gym ring workout

“JT” workout


handstand pushups

ring dips


for time

How to make your own wall ball for CrossFit garage gym

Check out the OneFitWonder Medicine Balls V2 @

another CrossFit workout with a wall ball is

Kelly workout

5 rounds for time

400 meter run

30 box jumps (24 inch)

30 wall balls (20 lbs)

log your time in your training log

How to make a kettle bell for a CrossFit garage gym

Check out OneFitWonder Kettlebells @

A CrossFit workout with kettlebell is

Eva workout

Five rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps (use sandbag if no kettle bell)

30 Pull-ups

log your time in your training log

How to make a sled for a CrossFit garage gym

Check out CrossFit garage gym gear @

Another CrossFit workout we like in our garage gym is Annie.

Annie workout


double unders

sit ups

post time to comments

How to make a sandbag for a CrossFit garage gym

pull a sled for 15 minutes straight at a medium pace. Or do 25 meter sprints with a light sled to build explosive power. If no sled you can make one with a tire and chain.

How to make a Bulgarian bag (part 1) for a CrossFit garage gym

Sled drag workout (if no sled then use tire and chain or rope)

20 meters walk for warmup

20 meter at 60%

20 meter pull at 75%

20 meter full sprint

20 meters walk

perform 3 rounds

How to make a ball grip for pull ups

Check out Rogue Fitness Pull Up Systems

Rogue Pull Up Systems

Grip strength pull bar workout

at end of workout – grab pull up bar and hold on bar for max time

perform 3 times and record times.

advanced athletes hold on to towel or if your a jiu-jitsu grappler then throw gi over the bar and hold on to gi. Check out the video below on how to make crossfit boxes.

Video – Do it yourself Box Jump Plyobox for CrossFit

Check out the Rogue Fitness Wood Plyo Boxes

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What are the measurements and diameters to build your own gymnastic rings? Check out the video and notes above as you can make your own CrossFit gym rings with PVC pipe.

Question: What is one piece of CrossFit equipment that I can make? A plyo box is probably the easiest but you can also hang a pull up bar from your rafters with pipe and nylon webbing – that is easy.

Question: Could you make a dyi rogue boxes do-it-yourself? You could make a plyo box like the Rogue Fitness box if you had the time and good with tools.

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DIY CrossFit Equipment Tips

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