How To Build an Outdoor CrossFit Gym

How to Build an Outdoor CrossFit Gym

We get asked this question a lot – How did you start your CrossFit gym if you were outside at a local track? What equipment did you use?

Do you have a list of outdoor CrossFit training equipment?

Did you build an outdoor rack or pull up rig? Can I do this in my home garage?

Check out these tips as we give you the 1-2-3 of how to build an Outdoor CrossFit Gym.

Tip #1
Start Simple.
crossfit jump rope workoutWe started at a local track in Dunwoody. Luckily they had pull up bars.

We made a set of jump ropes and purchased our first set of wood gym rings.

We were able to carry those in our gym bag and set up quick and run sprints.

We added jump ropes and a portable agility ladder for cardio drills to improve speed and foot work.

Video – CrossFit Home Training on Outdoor Gym

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Question: “What do i need for a Crossfit gym outside?”.

Tip #2
Portable First
crossfit outdoor gym battle ropesMake sure that everything you buy is portable. You should be able to move it quickly.

Being outside is great but if you have bad weather with heavy rain – you don’t want your equipment to get ruined.

Or you don’t want a burglar to run away with all of your stuff. Think portable. Tires are great in that you can use them to flip and to pull them like a sled drag. Add in a sledgehammer and a battling rope and now you have a great workout.

Castro shows off Backyard Outdoor CrossFit Gym

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Tip #3
strongman stone ballFind items that are more or less worthless that no one will want to steal.

A good example are rocks and logs. One of our best pieces of equipment is a watermelon sized boulder that we carry.

Tuck them at the edge of the woods or in a low spot in the weeds so no one will try to haul them off for landscaping.

If you want to get fancy you can buy or build a Strongman Stone – that is a great addition.

Video – Strongman Stone workout outside

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Tip #4
Build a Rig.
castro rig outside gymIf you can install a few 4 x 4’s and put up a Pull Up Bar that is great.

If your going to be there long term and have lots of athletes you may want to look into an outdoor CrossFit rig like the squat pull up rig or Castro Rig.

A good pull up rig will be the corner stone for future workouts. Either way this will give you options at a relatively low cost and greatly increase your ability to workout outdoors.

Video – Car Tire Workout

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Tip #5
Be Mobile.
We kept all of our CrossFit gear in the back of my truck when transporting.

If we didn’t feel like off loading we would pull my truck up to the edge of the garage.

Make sure you can load up all of your equipment safely and this will make it easier. Some trainers even use a large van to transport gear.

Sledgehammer workout for an Outside CrossFit Gym

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Question: Are there ways to DIY outdoor CrossFit gym equipment? Yes; you can make a pull up bar and dip bar easy with pipe and 4 x 4 post.

Tip #6
Eyes Out.
Keep an eye on your gear when being stored outside. Wooden plyo boxes will rot and screws and bolts for pull up rigs can rust. Make a routine inspection to make sure all of your gear is safe.

Outdoor workouts with Kettlebells and Indian Clubs

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Tip #7
Weight Vest.
Add in the weight vest to make everything harder. This is a very portable piece of gear but can be applied to every workout. Good value for your dollar to add in to your workouts and build your athletes up.

Video – Benefits of the Weight Vest

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Tip #8
Bring in the sand bags and sand balls for a quick easy piece of equipment that has a lot of versatile uses.

Video – Ultimate Outdoor Sand Bag workout

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In conclusion, follow these tips and you will have fun building an outdoor gym at your home or local park.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is the best outdoor CrossFit rig? The Castro rig gets really good reviews.

Question: What about a crossfit sledgehammer for my home gym? Yes; we definitely recommend a sledge hammer for your tire workouts.

Question: What do you recommend for an outdoor crossfit gym setup? Check out the info and videos above.

Question: what do i need to start crossfitting out of my garage? Check out the tips and videos above to help you get ideas on doing CrossFit workouts in your garage gym and outside on your driveway.

Question: Coach, do you have an equipment gear list on how to make an outdoor gym? Check out the list of gear above.

Question: Why build your own Crossfit gym at home? I would look at building a CrossFit gym in our garage home gym if your tired of driving in traffic and paying high prices for CrossFit training.

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How To Build an Outdoor CrossFit Gym


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