Annie Thorisdottir CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Annie Thorisdottir
Nickname: “Iceland Annie”

Age: 23

Height: 169 cm (5 ft 7 in)

Weight: 67 kg

Hometown: Kopavogur, Iceland

CrossFIt Affiliate: CrossFit BC Island

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Annie Thorisdottir Stats Best Lifts
Clean:90 kg
Back squat: 105 kg
Front squat: 85 kg
Overhead squat: 67,5 kg
Clean & jerk: 80 kg
Snatch: 70 kg
Shoulder press: 52.5 kg
Deadlift:160 kg

CrossFit Stats
Angie 10:57
Filthy fifty:15:25
Fight Gone Bad:409
McGhee 33 rounds
400 meter run: 1:14

Annie Thorisdottir Supplements
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Annie Thorisdottir CrossFit Training
CrossFit metcons, running, rowing, oly lifts. Spent a week working with Mike Burgener.

Annie Thorisdottir CrossFit Games competitions
2011 CrossFit Games Open Finish Place:1 Score: 8
2011 CrossFit Games Regionals Finish Place:1 Score: 7
2010 CrossFit Games 2nd place

Athletic Background – Bio
Gymnastics for 8 years, ballet for 2 years, Pole vaulting for 2 years.

Annie Thorisdottir Personality:
Smiles while crushing beast workouts at the CrossFit Games. Down to earth and laughs during dead lifts. Many think that Annie is hot as she has been listed on the Top 10 hottest CrossFit Girls. The word is that Annie Thorisdottir has a boyfriend named Frederic – ha; we would all like to know.

Annie Thorisdottir Wikipedia info:Þórisdóttir
Annie Thorisdottir Facebook.

Annie Thorisdottir uses PROGENEX Recovery

Another great Annie video (29 minutes)

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Annie Thorisdottir uses Progenex Protein

Annie Thorisdottir muscle ups slow-motion

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Annie Thorisdottir

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