Dan Bailey – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Dan Bailey

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile
Dan BaileyAge: 26
Height: 5’ 7″
Weight: 172lbs
Nickname: “Danimal”
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From Uniontown, Ohio
Current Residence Uniontown, OH
Began Crossfit February, 2010
Affiliate: Crossfit Legacy, Barerton Ohio
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Video – Fitness Truth Dan Bailey vs Rich Froning

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Dan Bailey Weighlifting Stats
Back Squat 380
Front Squat 315
Clean & Jerk 275
Snatch 215
Deadlift 520
Press 180

Video – Dan Bailey before he was Famous

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Dan Bailey CrossFit Competition Results
Sectional: Ohio – 1st
Regional: Central East

Dan Bailey CrossFit Weightlifting Stats
Deadlift: 520lbs
Overhead Squat: 270lbs (up from 225lbs)
Clean and Jerk: 275lbs
Back Squat: 380lbs
Snatch: 195lbs
Grace: 1:36
Cindy: 27 Rounds
400m Run: 47.83 seconds

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Dan Bailey CrossFit Stats – WOD Times
Fran 2:19
Grace 1:37
Miagi: 33:13
J.T.: 5:35
400m 47.83
5k 19:40
Favorite CrossFit Girl Workout: All of Them
Least Favorite Girl None

CrossFit Competition Results
2010 Ohio Sectionals Champion
2010 5th Central East Regional
2012 CrossFit Games
2013 CrossFit Games

Video – Dan Bailey Grace

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Dan Bailey Athletic Background
Ran Track and Field and Cross Country (Harriers of the Hocking) at Ohio University in Athens Ohio.

Neal Maddox is close behind Dan Bailey in the CrossFit Open 2012
Neal Maddox CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is Dan Bailey daily CrossFit training program? Check out the videos above for some of his workouts.

Question: Who is Dan Bailey training with? Just got word that he is training at the Navy SEAL camp in Coronado as they have a kick @ss facility.

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