Josh Bridges CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Josh Bridges CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Josh Bridges CrossFit bio
josh bridges crossfit statsCrossFit affiliate: CrossFit Invictus
Age 28
Weight 160
Height 5′ 5″
From St. Louis, Missouri
Current Residence San Diego, CA
Began Crossfit January 2005

Video – Josh Bridges on CrossFit WOD 11.6

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Josh Bridges Barbell Stats
Squat 350
Front Squat 315
Clean & Jerk 295
Snatch 220
Deadlift 425

Video – Josh Bridges in CrossFit Games Final Heat

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CrossFit stats
Fran: 2:02
Grace 1:45
FGB 485
Pullups 81
5k 18:20
500m Row 1:32
Favorite Girl Elizabeth
Least Favorite Girl Karen

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Josh Bridges

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