Rogue Fitness WattBike Review

wattbike reviewCrossFit Games 2011 athletes got a close up view of the Wattbike in this years competition. There was definitely a “wow” factor along with an “oh cr*p” as the athletes got smoked with intense cardio on the Wattbike.

The Watt Bike is endorsed by British Cycling. Whether you are setting out to get fit, searching for ways to improve your performance, looking for the stars of the future, challenging Olympic champions or just want a realistic ride without having to go out in the rain, the WattBike can take you there!

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The bike monitors everything you need to know about your cycling and will help to track progress as your training develops. Whether you are looking to monitor your power output, cadence, heart rate and the effectiveness of your pedalling, there is a measurement parameter for you. is the Wattbike like an air dyne? Not exactly as the air dyne has handles that move and the Wattbike has a fixed handle bar like a regular bike.

CrossFit Endurance trains on the WattBike

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Watt Bike review by LaBaz:
The wattbike is literally the best spin bike you can buy. The bike mechanism is second to none – and very close to riding on the road. The bike is extremely durable and puts up with a lot. The accuracy of the wattage is very close to the other bikes I have ridden (guy feel only) – but I have not compared it by adding an external power meter (like the Garmin Vector) to see how accurate it is. An excellent piece of equipment for your CrossFit gym to get your athletes ready for the upcoming training season.

Question: What about the Phoenix exercise bike vs WattBike?

The Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike is similar in concept. You will see the Phoenix bike in many spin classes.

Question: Where can I find more info on USA cycling? Check out the website here:

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Rogue Fitness Watt Bike Review

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