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CrossFit elite athletes Chris Spealler, Miranda Oldroyd, Annie Thorisdottir, Kristin Clever, Mikko Salo, Rob Orlando, Graham Holmberg and Josh Bridges all use this product. In fact, 8 out of 10 CrossFit elite athletes use it as well.


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Many of the top CrossFit elite athletes like Annie Thorisdottir, Rich Froning, Chris Spealler, Ben Smith, Dan Bailey, Miranda Oldroyd, Nate Schrader, Mikko Salo, Camille Le Blanc-Brazinet, Kendrick Farris, Dan Bailey, Graham Holmberg, and Rob Orlando all use these incredible protein supplements.

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Brad McLeod

Review by Randy:
This is a really high quality protein. Yes; you may pay a little more but this stuff works. Several of the guys in my CrossFit gym are using this.

I was using Optimum Nutrition for a few months and my buddy recommended I give Progenex a try and I loved the taste on the first try.

I just mix it up in a shaker bottle with some low fat milk and a big tablespoon of yogurt and protein powder. I try to eat really clean on almost all my meals and then i supplement with this powder. I am onboard with the chocolate flavor and am ordering more.

Chris Spealler – legendary CrossFit athlete uses Progenex


Spencer Hendel uses Progenex

CrossFit Elite Athletes that use Progenex

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Progenex Recovery FAQs


Q: When should I take Recovery?

A: Mix it up in a shaker bottle with some milk or water and take it mmediately after training.

Q: How often can I take Recovery?

A: You can take Recovery after every training session. If you are training multiple times in one day, you can take a Recovery shake after each session.

Q: Should I take PROGENEX Recovery on non-training days?

A: PROGENEX Recovery is specifically designed as a post-training supplement. Taking it on non-training days will not necessarily add additional recovery gains. However, it would increase your high quality protein intake.

Q: Can I take Recovery with More Muscle?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Do I need to add double the water if I take PROGENEX Recovery with More Muscle?

A: No. You would use the same amount of water as you would if you were taking either Recovery or More Muscle.

Q: Do you recommend mixing Recovery and More Muscle together in one shake?

A: You can after longer, tougher workouts but it is not necessary on a typical workout. Recovery is typically enough for post-workout.

Q: Can Recovery and More Muscle be taken with carbs?

A: Yes. You can eat some carbs approximately 15 minutes after consuming a Recovery or More Muscle shake.

Q: Can I sprinkle Recovery or More Muscle on my steel cut oats?

A: We do not recommend it. You can eat your steel cut oats about 15 minutes after drinking your Recovery or More Muscle shake.

Q: Can I blend fruit or yogurt with my Recovery shake?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there an ideal “wait” time before eating solid food after taking a Recovery shake?

A: We recommend waiting approximately 15 minutes.

Q: I drink a carb/protein drink during my workout, and then take Recovery after I work out. However, it says to take Recovery on an empty stomach. Is my workout drink okay?

A: Yes.

Q: Your instructions recommend an additional More Muscle shake first thing in the morning. I’d prefer before bed. Is that okay? Is any other time during the day okay?

A: Yes, you can take More Muscle before bed instead of first thing in the morning. However, there is a reason that we recommend first thing in the morning: protein deficit. After fasting, your body is experiencing protein deficit. We recommend that you consume protein first thing in the morning for maximum results. You also can take More Muscle as a meal replacement at another time in the day.

Q: I am interested in gaining muscle and losing fat. What is your suggested dosing of each of your products and when?

A: Two scoops of Recovery immediately after training. You should take two scoops of More Muscle first thing in the morning or right before bed or as a meal replacement at some point during your day. On non-training days, take two scoops of More Muscle first thing in the morning. You can take another More Muscle shake any time during the day, or as a meal replacement.

Q: I usually “load” a scoop of More Muscle and a scoop of Recovery into a Blender bottle and toss into my gym bag. Can I also add water at the same time?

A: We don’t recommend it. First of all, leakage is messy. More important, the active ingredients in both Recovery and More Muscle do not have a “shelf life.” In other words, they need to be consumed immediately after adding water. That’s why our products do not have any stabilizers or other funky things (have you ever seen the bottom of a container of those ready-to-drink supplements?).


Q: What’s the ideal time to take Recovery and More Muscle?

A: Ideally, take one More Muscle shake first thing in the morning, when your body is experiencing a protein deficit. Then take Recovery after training. If it was a very draining workout and you feel like you need more than add a scoop or two of More Muscle with your Recovery. You can take another More Muscle shake before bed and as a snack between meals.

Q: What should I take on non-training days?

A: Take one More Muscle shake first thing in the morning. You also can take another shake later in the day as a meal replacement or right before bed. PROGENEX Recovery needs to be taken after each workout.

Q: How would you combine PROGENEX Recovery and PROGENEX More Muscle?

A: Take Recovery after each training session and More Muscle first thing in the morning. Take an additional More Muscle shake as a snack between meal and/or before bed. On non-training days, do the same, but simply without the Recovery.


Q: How is PROGENEX Recovery different from any other whey protein isolate?

A: PROGENEX Recovery is not simply a WPI, or whey protein isolate. Recovery has been hydrolyzed, or cut, using a proprietary enzymatic process that cuts the protein into tiny peptide sequences that can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Q: What makes More Muscle so special?

A: Similar to Recovery, More Muscle is specially formulated for fast absorption. More Muscle is powered by Promyosin,™ a whey protein that is significantly refined, or cut, so that it can enter your bloodstream fast. More Muscle is also very high in BCAAs and Glutamine to aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Q: Why is speed of absorption so important?

A: The faster protein is in your bloodstream, the faster it gets to your muscles, helping to produce the gains you want. It takes up to five hours for whole proteins, such as beef, chicken, or fish, to get into your bloodstream. More Muscle is in your bloodstream in minutes.

Q: I am interested in increasing my protein intake to 3.0 g/kg of desired LBM but I would need to use protein powder to get there. I am concerned with the insulin spikes that whey protein powders give off. I am also interested in losing body fat.

A: There is a significant additive advantage to consuming mixed carbohydrate and protein supplements immediately post-workout. Your post-workout target should be to both feed existing muscle fibers as well as stimulate satellite muscle cells. (which fuel the greater proportion of muscle growth from exercise). More Muscle does both. Here are a couple of studies that you may be interested in: Disassociation between the effects of amino acids and insulin on signaling, ubiquitin ligases, and protein turnover in human muscle. Effect of premeal consumption of whey protein and its hydrolysate on food intake and postmeal glycemia and insulin responses in young adults.

Q: I’m on a fat-loss diet. Once I start taking the products, would I have to subtract 295 of my calories from food to make up for the added calories from More Muscle/Recovery in order to continue with my current rate of fat loss?

A: Adding resistance training and our post-workout supplements while reducing empty calories will do the trick.

Q: Does Recovery or More Muscle need to be cycled on and off?

A: No.

Q: Does Progenex have any deals 20% off in 2015?
A: There was a deal like that many years go.

Where to buy Progenex?

Where to buy Recovery and  with a Discount Coupon Code – buy here through this page.

A question we just got from an athlete in our CrossFit gym is “I heard there was a coupon code for 20% off?”. No, they had a special many years ago but it is not active now. We will be the first to post it up if the deal returns.

Question: “Are there no more Progenex discounts for Pro bodybuilders?”. Progenex still has a 10% discount at local gyms and online sales reps.

Question: Where can I find More Muscle for sale? Check out the links above and you can buy Progenex more muscle and have it shipped to any zip code include 94901.

Question: where can I find Progenex in Florida? You can buy at events or in the above links.

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