Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips

navy seal waterCheck out these nutritional tips that I wish I would have known before going through Navy SEAL training.

Navy SEAL Nutrition Tip #1:
Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/S) is incredibly stressful. Ask anyone who has successfully completed the program, BUD/S in 90% mental. The physical and mental stress of ‘Hell Week’ alone is tremendous. Constant stress, exposure to the cold, and constant physical exertion can all suppress or compromise your immune system.

Take care of your body thru proper nutrition. Though the military tries to make food more nutritious – and tries to provide more nutritious options – it is still not the quality you may be used to.

Eat well and frequently. Supplement with vitamins and minerals if need be.

Video – Navy SEALs BUD/S Training Nutrition

Navy SEAL Training Tip #2:
You do not need to get huge or bulk up for BUDS. You want lean muscle. Most of the exercises performed in BUDs are bodyweight exercises. Sure you will lift boats, logs, and classmates – but individual PT is bodyweight based. So, if you are carrying around 20 useless pounds of mass– it will effect performance and potentially add to your risk of injury. There has never been a Navy SEAL who thought they should have lifted more weights before going to BUD/S. Sorry – not a one. Nutrition Tip: you want to grow lean mass and lose fat. That means quality protein, aminos, glutamine, etc, to assist recovery. After all, in BUDs – “the only easy day was yesterday.” You absolutely need to recover quickly to perform the next training day.

Navy SEAL Nutrition Tip #3
Eat Enough Protein
Eat approximately 20g to 40g a day in protein as the rest is burned up as fuel. 25% of your daily protein requirement should be taken right after a hard workout.

#1 Enjoy eating Paleo.
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Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips

#2 Pre Cook your food.

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Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips

#3. Cook more food than you need and store the rest for later.

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#4. Eat in moderation foods outside of the Paleo diet.

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Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips

#5 Don’t keep any junk food in your house.

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Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips

#6 Don’t run out of food.

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Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips

#7 Plan your meals for the whole week.

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#8 Keep a can of tuna or a meal replacement protein shake in case you need a snack. Don’t be tempted to unnecessarily get off diet.

#9. Learn how to use spices to flavor your food.

#10 Eat lots of colorful veggies.

Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips


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    thank you for your advice, do you know if the Paleo diet book or the SEALFIT: 8 weeks to seal fit has a more programed section to walk you through nutritional help?

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