The Obstacle is the Path

obstacle boulder in road In 1923 there was a great warlord who had the most guns, gold coins and goats of his lands. He was also a very wise man as he had traveled extensively and was well read. He believed that the people of his land were in decline as their attitudes were going downhill.

The warlord devised a plan to send his soldiers down to the main road with a crude gunpowder charge to dislodge a large boulder and roll it into the road. But first the warlord and his men sat on their horses and watched the action below.

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First, some merchants came upon the rock and said, “Well, this boulder is blocking our path. Let’s turn around and go home. No work today!” And they turned around and left.

Next a group of school teachers came upon the boulder. “This rock is blocking our path,” they said. “I guess no one will need our services today”, and they turned around and went home as well.

The warlord watched person after person continue to come upon the rock, see it as an impasse or excuse and turn and go home.

That was, until an old man came upon the rock. Instead of becoming discouraged like the others, he got excited by the presence of such a challenge. He first examined the huge boulder and tried to push it with all his might. He realized this would not work and began to think of other solutions.

Then the quote from ancient mathematician Archimedes popped into his head, “If you give me a large enough lever and a fulcrum on which to place it, I shall move the world.” The old man was instantly inspired, and found a long wooden pole.

He placed the pole under the boulder and using leverage, moved the boulder slightly. He repeated this process until the boulder was completely off the road. With his challenge finished, the inspired man was about to set off down the previously blocked path toward the city, but he noticed a bag lying where the boulder once stood.

He looked around, picked up the bag and found inside a large amount of gold and a note. He carefully opened the note and read, “This gold is for you, since you know that great obstacles can lead to bigger opportunities.” The warlord, happy with the actions of this man, left his hiding place and went back to his castle with hope for his people.

SGPT Homework:
What is your obstacle? How are you approaching this problem? Think it through and take a different attack.


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    Brad this is an awesome story. A parable such as this is exactly the sort of thing people these days need to hear. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized more and more that perspective is everything.

    The fact is that life is just going to be challenging, but if you see it as being “challenging” rather than being “hard” or “difficult” then your perspective changes just as the old man in the story. It has been my experience that when you see a “challenge” rather than a hardship or difficulty your life changes because of your approach to it.

    Awesome post my friend. Thanks for sharing.

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