Grinder Strength Pullups

Are You:

  • Struggling, pushing yourself, and still falling short of your first pull-up?
  • Tired of doing the same old, boring, tiring, dull workouts every time you walk into the gym?
  • Training for BUD/S and struggling to pass the test?
  • Training to become a BEAST who eats pull-ups for breakfast?

Grinder Strength Pullups Includes:

  • Links to 12 new pull-up improvement videos and written text taking you through each pull-up progression – from no pullups to cranking a dozen for speed.
  • Stretching workouts to prepare you for pull-ups and help you cool down
  • Grip strength video and workouts to help you improve your holding power.  What good is a pull-up if you cant hang on the bar?
  • 30 day workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes
  • Pull-up progressions from starting with band pull-ups working your way up the ladder to Chest to bar pull-ups.
  • 3 Interviews from top Pull-up coaches Stew Smith, Zach Even-Esh, and Al Kavadio.  All top Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the field of pull-up training.
  • 60 pages packed with workouts, videos, interviews and NO BS, realworld, in the trenches tactics to getting your chin over the bar.

PS: This a downloadable eBook only. Unless we get enough interest in a physical copy we’ll have to keep it digital.

PPS: Check out what some of our athletes have said about the program below.

“I want to let you know that the book has helped me a lot the last year. 
Earlier I couldn’t do a single pull up, but now I manage 5-6 on a good day. 
Going to focus on  getting stronger now. 
Thanks!” -Espen

“I like it! Thank you for checking in sir, I bought this because I’m leaving for boot camp for the Marine Corps in April and I need to improve my pull ups. And on the first day I already saw improvement because I could never do a single pull up with my hands facing out.” -Sirrell Young

“It’s awesome.  Thank you so much. Hit up multiple sets of weighted and unweighted strict pull ups tonight during my workout.” -Chris