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We get asked every week “Where can I find Rogue Fitness e?”. Check out the Rogue Fitness “best deals” below.

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Q: What is the Rogue Cash for Clunkers Program?

A: If you send Rogue Fitness a Men’s 20KG Weightlifting bar that is straight and operational Rogue will send you an electronic coupon for $50 towards a Rogue Bar only. You can only use one Rogue coupon per person per lifetime and we reserve the right to end the program at any time. You can bring the bar to us in person as well but getting the bar here is your responsibility. If the bar is deemed not straight or “operational” it will be your responsibility to have it returned to you.

Operational means the bar collars spin and the bar shaft is one solid piece.

Use your Rogue cash for clunkers Here – Trade in for the Rogue Fitness Barbell

Question: What is the Rogue BuyBack Program?

Answer: The Rogue Fitness Buyback program is a way for us to tell you that you are buying solid equipment that has a solid resale value. We believe our equipment will help you in your venture.

If you spend $5,000 or more on a one time purchase we guarantee we will purchase the equipment back within one calendar year for 70% of the equipment purchase price. You will need to return the equipment to us in working order and we will cut a check for 70% of the equipment cost. It is your responsibility to get the equipment to our dock and it will be your responsibility to have the equipment returned if it is not in working order.

Check out Rogue Fitness sponsored athlete – Graham Holmberg on this killer CrossFit workout “DT”

Free Shipping at Rogue Fitness
Click Here for Free Shipping at Rogue Fitness
Free Shipping at Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness gift certificates are immediately sent to the recipient’s email address. If you are looking to present the gift certificate in person, you may enter your email address as the recipient address and print out the gift certificate. Athletes are asking if there is a Rogue Fitness gift card code? We are constantly on the lookout for Rogue Fitness best deals and will post up any on this page.

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Questions from athletes in our gym

Question: Is Rogue Fitness memorial day sale? Check out the Rogue info above.

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