Rogue Fitness S-35e Rogue “E” Sled Reviews

Rogue Fitness S-35e Rogue “E” Sled Reviews

Inspired by the practical, collapsible design of military entrenching tools, the Rogue E-Sled delivers convenient portability in the form of a highly durable, American-made steel weight sled.

Rogue Fitness S-35e Rogue “E” Sled – Customer Reviews
Review by The Gym
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
This thing is perfect for my gym, and for my boot camp clients. It’s built like a brick shit house, and isn’t to large to tote around and stores easily. Everything from rogue is superior!!

Rogue Fitness S-25 sled video

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Rogue Fitness S-35e Rogue “E” Sled Reviews
by Jose Sanchez
I bought the S25 and a week earlier the S35 came out. The S35 definitely would have been my choice, for the same price and the accessibility of it. But no complaints on the toughness of the S25.

S-35E Rogue “E” Sled Info and Specs:
Unlike many traditional dragging sleds that can only be used on non-abrasive surfaces, the E-Sled comes with virtually zero limitations. Move your speed sled training indoors or outdoors on grass, field turf, track, concrete, or asphalt. The E-Sled’s 1/4” bent steel rails will stabilize and protect more than 495 pounds in steel plates on almost any terrain. And when your training’s over, an innovative fold flat post allows for quick and easy carrying or storage.

The E-Sled can be used for light weight sled training to help improve sprinting speed and metabolic conditioning, or with heavy weight to develop a strong and organized posterior chain.

S-35E Rogue E-Sled Specifications:
Made in Columbus, OH, USA
1/4” thick bent steel rails for plate protection
16-5/8” fold flat sled post
16′ sled strap and carabiner included
Weight Capacity: 11x 45lb Steel Plates; 7x 45lb Comp Plates; 4x 45lb Bumper Plates

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Rogue Fitness S-35e Rogue “E” Sled Reviews

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