1000 Yard Range in North County San Diego



A team of former Navy SEALs and veteran supporters are working to press North County San Diego to create a public outdoor shooting range on mitigated land.


“We have a high population of people in North County who would benefit from a public range.” Stated Will Talbott, a North County Resident. “We have veterans, 1st Responders, active military and more who live here and pay taxes, with the increased development in North County and stricter laws, there is no place for these citizens to practice their constitutional right.”


The idea came about after a meeting with a local politician’s office who said that public land should be used by the tax payers who pay to keep it public. Land is the only thing not being made anymore and it’s time we protect it and provide recreational activities for everyone.


One of the major issues with shooting is lead ammunition. Due to modern advances in military style weapons, the issue has been solved with Steel Rounds. In the past the concern was that the barrel would be destroyed by the high rate of fire. Now with CAD and Advanced Metals, barrels can be made much harder and at a very affordable cost. Thus allowing long range shooters to be more environmentally friendly.


The team also developed a new recycling¬† ammunition collection system called “RACS” this mimics the indoor range material in an outdoor setting, because of the accuracy of the modern precision rifle, 99.73% of ammunition fired would be collected and recycled. Thus making the impact on the land almost zero.


“We love nature and we love the environment, there is no reason to harm it with reckless behavior.” added Will Talbott, who has spent 20 years fighting for environmental causes and public recreation. “North County San Diego is the ideal place for this project, it will demonstrate a collaborative effort between multiple private and public sector areas and put the planet first, it’s a win win.”


Here’s a concept drawing of a 1000 Yard Range.


We will update you with details as the project progresses.