5 Mistakes Tactical Athletes are making

5 mistakes tactical athletes are making when starting out training.

1. Wrong Program

I made this mistake when I went through Navy SEAL training BUDS the first time. I trained in a old school bodybuilding gym and had not run more than 3 miles before training.

I learned the hard way as I got crushed my first time through BUDS. I did not have the endurance and running base and constantly fell behind into the Goon Squad. I failed out of BUDS for a math test but I vowed to radically change my workout programming for the better.

I had a strength base from the bodybuilding gym so I worked extra hard on running and endurance. I bought a cheap bike and rode 50 miles out into the hills of San Diego. In one year I had completely changed my body and had endurance for miles.

I went through BUDS and finished the drill. Having the right program can make a huge difference.

2. Too much too quick

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3. Need to scale


If you dont learn or use proper technique you will get injured quickly. Take the time to learn and perform hundreds of reps at a lightweight. Once you have the good technique you can then add more weight.

Check out this article on How to pick the right weight


be accountable – buy into program and its workouts

6. Durability

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