The Alpha T and Ripped Stack Reviewed

alpha t alpha ripped reviewAlpha Stack Review

Just received Alpha T and Ripped in the mail today and have started using both of these products. I am a moderately active guy, age 52 and always looking to improve my body and mind any way that I can.

One of the first things that I noticed about the Alpha Cut T product
is that they use Guarana extract and Yerba mate along with L-Arginine and Cayenne pepper. I know that this will help give me energy and along with 50 mg of caffeine should help me get up and moving in the morning and get ready for a good workout.

I found that if I take Ripped at least 30 minutes before a workout it really helps me focus and get the extra surge I need when lifting.

alpha T and alpha ripped reviewI started out just taking 1 tablet to see how my body would react. All went well and I then 2 (one at breakfast and one for pre-workout).

Definitely feel increased energy taking Ripped with a cup of coffee in the AM. No after taste or heart burn when taking it.

I began talking Alpha-T daily and it took a while for me to feel anything. After about a week I could feel that I slept better and also recovered better from hard workouts.

I noticed within about 7 days or so that my sleep was much better and not as restless. Before I would wake up tired and feel like I needed more. My sleep now is much deeper and I wake up feeling like my body is more recovered from my workouts.

My weight lifting has seen increases also. I have put on a 10% increase in my shoulder press which is helping me to build some muscle. I need to take before and after photos tomorrow so that you can see the difference.

I have been working on my dead lift twice a week and have seen a 10% increase in my recent lifts despite being an older athlete. My hope is to continue this trend.

Essential Information

Alpha T

product 1What is it?

In the world of bodybuilding and weight training, there are a number of supplements that complement a healthy workout routine and diet. It is considered to be one of the supplements required to boost your bodybuilding efforts. This is a testosterone booster that contains a number of natural ingredients and has a number of uses in the body. It helps with muscle building during workouts, is an energy booster and also assists in quick muscle recovery after a workout.

It contains Vitamin B9, Vitamin B 12, Maca Root Extract, Stinging Nettle Root, Suma Extract, L-Citruline and Zinc. In addition, it has TribulusTerrestris as well as Fenugreek Extract. The latter ingredients are known in the body building world as testosterone boosting products. However, it has been noted that fenugreek’s composition inhibits testosterone from converting into DHT.

Side Effects

The positive points about this product that the ingredients are all natural and will not interfere with your body metabolism. Natural ingredients also mean that users will not suffer allergic reactions from the supplement. It also helps with muscle building and recovery after workouts. It has proven to work better during active workouts than before or after a session. With supplements such as Alpha-T, results will depend on individuals and their health routine.

Alpha Ripped

product 2Alpha Ripped is a supplement that contains seven ingredients to help you burn fat and get leaner. Designed to increase the body’s thermogenic activity for more effective weight loss, this product can quicken muscle recovery time, promote a more intense workout, and get rid of stubborn fat. But that’s not all. If you lack mental focus and clarity in the gym, this powerful fat burner can intensify your workouts.

What is it?

  • First up is 180 mg of green tea extract in each serving – the natural fat burner than can help to elevate thermogenesis. This can help to burn fat during workouts, and the thermogenic effect will help you to lose weight even when you’re resting.
  • Then there’s Forskolin, which stimulates adenylate cyclase – an enzyme that increases cAMP levels. In short, this ingredient can improve circulation and increase your metabolism.
  • Other ingredients include the natural energy booster guarana, which can increase mental alertness and combat fatigue, as well as Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate – which can stimulate protein synthesis and increase muscle pumps. Finally, the supplement contains caffeine, cayenne pepper, and yerba mate – ingredients which can help to increase energy, suppress your appetite, and boost your metabolism.

What does it do?

Ripped contains natural ingredients to intensify your workouts, give you more energy in the gym, and lose that unwanted fat. The product can help with recovery after the gym, helping you to burn more calories during these short rest periods. This supplement can also accelerate lipolysis – the process whereby the body breaks down fat and gets rid of it.

How to take it?

Take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule half an hour before working out. On non-workout days, take 1 capsule with breakfast, and 1 capsule half an hour before lunch.

You can expect results within a few short weeks as long as your diet and workout program are in check.

Side Effects

Although the product contains a lot of caffeine (50 mg per serving), it is considerably less than other fat burners on the market – thereby reducing the likelihood of any side effects.

Question: What about alpha t2 vs oxyelite pro? We have ordered T2 so that we can review both products and see how they work in the stack. We will post a review as soon as we can.

Question: Do T1 and Ripped really work? So far I have seen good results with this stack and will continue to take them — especially the “T1” product. A recent Mayo clinic article also calls for a healthy diet which is definitely one thing I am trying to do more of.

Ripped Muscle X Review

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