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Questions from athletes online.

Question: I am trying to add on a few extra pounds of muscle. Do you have any ways I can get bigger for football season.

Answer: I would eat lean meat, eggs, milk and if needed add a scoop of whey protein. I mix it all up in a cup with some ice and it is a good mid afternoon snack or after workout recovery drink. Make sure to have a protein drink within 30 minutes after a workout so that your muscles can recharge quickly after being stressed out. You will want to get a good nights sleep of 8 hours without any distractions (getting up to pee or check on the dog). Having good sleep is critical if you want to recharge your body and also to produce testosterone.

This is the biggest sale of the year and you will see some athletes type in CrossFit Cyber Monday Deals to look for the lowest prices online. It is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Half the population is laid out with a bloated belly and the other half goes shopping like mad. There are long lines and sometimes people get trampled or even worse, shot. It happens in the United States as people get nuts when they shop. It is far safer to shop online and just chill out and press a few buttons and make a good buy. This is not an official holiday but everyone takes it off anyway. For those unlucky people who have to go to work they mostly phone it in and work the least amount they have to.

Question: Where can I find garage gym gear locally and try to build up a garage gym? Years ago when I started my place I would just go out to the local high school track that had pull up bars. We would do a warmup workout with different exercises and then do a few 400 meter runs. Sets of pushups and burpees and walking lunges to get the blood flowing really good. Eventually we would work our way up to doing some sprints. We would begin to cool down by running hills or stadium runs with pushups and air squats at the bottom of each stadium run. At the end of the workout we would do a variety of pull ups to include regular grip, close grip, wide grip and towel pull ups. We would then jog it out 400 meters and then finish with a 100 meter walk and then yoga recovery and deep breathing.

Question: Do you have any plyo boxes? Yes; check out the deals above for jump boxes and you may even find one of those new style foam boxes.

Question: Do you think that CrossFit is good?

Answer: Yes; we like it and like any gym activity you have to try to get a good coach and slowly work your way into shape. You can check out them out here

Question: We have this guy in our gym who is a pro bodybuilder and he said that deep squats are good for you. But my chiropractor says it is not good to go down to a full squat. What is going on?

Answer: Full deep squats with a barbell is good for you and will build muscle. A workout that I like to do is to warmup with a barbell and then work my way up to a set of 5 reps for 5 rounds. It is based off the Wendler 5-3-1 workouts. I make sure to drink a large cup of milk and protein after the workout.

Question: I am trying to gain a few pounds of muscle as I want to make the football team next year. Can you give me any basic pointers to help out?

Answer: Go to the weight room and start doing the basic lifts with back squat, dead lift, shoulder press and bench press. Drink lots of milk, eat an extra portion of meat for dinner.

Boil up some eggs as a midday snack. If you eat good food and workout hard you will gain 5 lbs of muscle before next years football practice.

Question: I am really weak at doing pull ups and can only do two. What would you recommend for me to get better at this exercise?

Answer: I would put a box under the pull up bar. Jump up on to the bar and put your chin over. Slowly lower yourself down till your feet touch the box. Jump up and do it again. This is called a “negative” pull up.

Another good ways to improve pull ups is to just jump from the ground and get your chin on the bar then release and drop off. This is called a jumping pull up.  This is a really easy way to start to learn pull ups and also has a pretty good cardio aspect to it also. You can really get your lungs working when you do a dozen or two of these on the pull up bar.

Lately I have also been working on my grip strength as that always seems to be where I fail on pull ups and dead lifts. So I will carry dumbells around the gym with what is called a farmers walk. You are basically just walking with weight. You can also use a kettle bell, or sand bag or a weight plate (much harder).

Question: The guys in our gym are making a huge @ss mess with a bucket of chalk that one of them brought in while I was away. Do you allow chalk in your gym?

Answer: We do allow chalk but we don’t have carpet. Our floors are rubber and easy to mop down. We also have big fans that push air out of the building easily. I let them chalk up all they want and sweat all over it. Its a gym you know, so it is ok to get a little gritty.

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