Bowman workout 9-23-15

Between each round – Run a 50m sprint and do a 50m backward drag (w/cinder block, sandbag or weights on a chain/rope), then drop for 19 Burpees.

10 rounds @ 9 reps per movement.
Regular dips or Bench dips
Bent-over 50 lb. sandbag rows
Box jumps or step ups
Body-ups (lay down and stand up)
Box Squats w/sandbag
Bodyweight pushups.

Beginners – scale down on rounds, reps and weight according to ability.

Remembering Marine Lance Cpl. Jon E. Bowman, who sacrificed his life for our country 9 years ago on October 9, 2006 while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Ramadi, Iraq. Please help honor him so he is not forgotten.