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Check out the reviews and feedback for the CamelBak hydration bladders and you decide which one is best for your field work.

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I purchased the Lobo pack as I had been training for an upcoming Spartan Race and a local mud run. So far it’s held up through multiple VERY MUDDY races. I take out the bladder & throw the thing in the washing machine with all my other muddy clothes and it’s good to go. The big 3L bladder was enough for me & 1 other racer to finish a 13 mile beast course without having to refill at a water station.


I used to make fun of people I saw running with these things on. In all honesty they are silly looking. But for long runs they are a life saver. It takes about two minutes of being on my back before I forget it is there. It is much better than carrying a bottle, and holds about four times as much. It supplies enough water for fifteen miles on a hot day. There is a little pocket on the back that can fit your keys and an ipod, which I prefer to having my ipod strapped to my arm. The pocket is not good for gels or anything that you want to access without having to stop and take the pack off. I think the greatest benefit of Camelbaks is the freedom of not have to plan runs around water breaks. For the price, I really can’t recommend the HydroBak enough.
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We began hiking a few weeks ago during 100 degree days with 95% humidity and quickly realized we needed a hydropack. The Camelbak Hydrobak is a perfect size for short to medium hikes of 2 to 10 miles holding 1.5 litres of water. And even in 75+ degree hikes the water has stayed cool. The drinking tube has a shut-off valve so it doesn’t drip at all and is easy to operate while still walking. The pack has a small zippered compartment to hold your key and identification card and three reflective straps for small gadgets like a multipurpose tool. We’ve used the HydroBak for several hikes and couldn’t be happier with the product.

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Fits snug for long runs. For added quietness, after filling the bladder, turn it upside down and suck out all the air. Doing this keeps your drink from sloshing around behind you.

Also great for skiing/snowboarding. It’s so small, it fits nicely under your jacket so you can ski all day without having to break for drinks.


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