Coach, How Did You Know You Wanted to Become a Navy SEAL?

Athletes ask me all the time “How did you know you wanted to be a Navy SEAL?”

Or… “How did you know that was the right choice?”

Well… the decision was actually very easy.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was under-performing and living a life of mediocrity.

I knew deep down that I had much more to give and become in this life.

Right now I think about that time and I still get pissed off thinking about it.

I just now had to walk in the other room and pace the floor.

That was a not so good time in my life at 18 years old as I was lost and walking down a path of sub average and destined for a life of mediocrity as a sheep.

Being average sucks. Being normal sucks.

If you think that it is OK you are not destined to be a warrior.

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So the decision to take the path less traveled was easy as I had a freaking raging fire burning in my gut.

When I think about it now my teeth begin to grit.

The hair on the back of my neck stands up as I relive those times.

So cut to the chase — how do you know the right path?

It is there in your gut. It is there in your heart. You cannot ignore your heart.

Your heart will pull you towards the right path.

Sheep people (sheeple) will ignore this as they want to be safe and follow the herd.

If the heart is pulling them into an area of uncertainty then you will second guess yourself.

But a warrior knows deep down inside that he must always listen to his gut and follow it.

Yes; the warriors path is harder. It has more rocks and downed logs in the trail.

There will be distractions and bad weather and a lack of sleep.

Your own friends will laugh at you and mock you.

Your parents will not want you to go – as it is dangerous work.

But those are the things that are making you stronger – to be ready for anything at anytime.

By making your own decision you are taking control of your life – which is one of the first steps to truly becoming a man (or woman.

Your own man.

So now that you know – you must start out on that first step on this new path.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Questions from SGPT Athletes:

Question: How do I get in touch with a Navy SEAL motivator/recruiter to help guide me to joining up?

Answer: Check out the locations and more info on the SEAL motivator/recruiters here. They can assist you and if you are good enough you will be able to work out with them in the pool and learn more.

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