FitFight Announces Veteran’s Day Challenge, Powered by Veteran-Owned Businesses

FitFight is a veteran-owned business dedicated to both fitness and competition, founded by two US Army Veterans; Steve Forti, US Army SF, Sergeant and Brandon Kennedy, Major, Army Ranger.

Their tagline says it all: “Train Locally, Dominate Globally: Superior Fitness Through Constant Competition.”

The app has been picking up steam the US to Europe, encouraging athletes, companies, and gyms to host competitions to see what their constituency is made of. In fact, you may see a SGPT Challenge coming your way in the near future! And we’d imagine if you’re reading this, you’re all about competing to be a better human, staying fit, and supporting our veteran owned businesses.

Not only have they gotten nearly 1000 monthly users on the app in just over a year, they’ve also developed solid partnerships with great brands.

Among them, are these three veteran owned businesses, which we will be highlighting given Veteran’s Day is right around the corner. Nine Line Apparel—which is also founded, owned and run by veterans—RuckPack and CrossRope, and will all be hosting challenges until the end of the month, giving you a chance to win some product and bragging rights.

“FitFight has teamed up with Veteran owned businesses for the month of November to run veteran inspired events,” Steve Forti states. “We have received significant support from day one as a veteran owned business from companies like FitAid, Crossover Symmetry, and Hyperice. As we gained some momentum we began teaming up with vet owned businesses to cross promote offerings like Doc Spartan, Ruckpack, and Nine Line Apparel. These combined efforts is what has put us in the hands of 3100 ‘fitfighters’ in 88 countries, but we’re always looking to add to the ranks.”

Forti stated that competition is “critical.” “It’s how we identify holes in our [personal] game that don’t show themselves unless we’re under pressure. Instead of everyone getting a ribbon for showing up, we need to teach young men and women how to lose, to fail, without losing the will to win. To get up, train, turn a weakness into a strength, and compete again.”

Just to give you some more insight into a platform, it’s a completely seamless platform that allows athletes to scroll through and locate challenges.

You can also view the standards and prizes to be had, and even allows them to film and time themselves in the app, making it a one stop elegant solution.

For those of you that are competitive fitness athletes, you know the woes of downloading something like Wodproof or another timing app, then having to upload to another portal to be judged or verified, FitFight has encased that in one convenient app that’s available for both Android and iPhone.

And what’s awesome is there are always challenges going on—just open the app and scroll through what’s been posted and choose something awesome.

Another Veteran’s Day charity you can support is The Nine Line Foundation.

Benjamin Bun of Cigar City Crossfit has posted a Man on Fire Burpee Challenge, which will be live until November 15th, 2018. Aside from winning cool swag and “relentlessly patriotic” gear, for every submission donates $5 to the Nine Line Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to meeting the needs of severely injured soldiers and their families.

A 9 line medevac (medical evacuation) request  a military term that Medevacs use for calling in a combat injury. Because it is such a stressful and sometimes hectic situation, there are nine lines of procedure to follow to ensure quick, safe evacuation of the casualties.

The Nine Line Foundation aims to serve veterans on their home turf in much the same way.

CrossRope is another Veteran owned business, founded by a former US Navy sailor Dave Hunt.

It has recently attracted the attention of national publications like Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Shape, and others. They also are bringing their dedication to supporting veteran owned businesses to the platform for Veterans day, hosting a 100 double under challenge. Fastest athlete will score themselves a get lean Crossrope set, (over $80 in value!) and bragging rights.

Check out the jump ropes made by CrossRope. They’re a favorite of ours at SGPT.

A third charity you can support this Veteran’s day is Ruckpack.

Founded by Marine Corp Veteran Rob Dyer, Ruckpack is hosting a FitFight Challenge giving your 8 minutes to grind through a brutal Clean & Jerk Ladder. Essentially you have 8 minutes to accumulate big weight, with the tie breaker going to the person with the most reps completed. For a challenge like this, you need a bit more gear, but you can win a lot more booty: a 3 month supply of Ruckpack–or raspberry flavor if that’s your thing-over $150 value!

So there it is folks, you have 3 chances to win some awesome product, compete locally, and dominate globally; all while supporting veteran owned businesses like Nine Line, Ruckpack, Crossrope, and even Fitfight!

My question to all of you is, do you have it in you to train locally, dominate globally? Download the app for your Android or iPhone, WOD for a cause, and find out! Maybe you’ll win some prizes in the process.



Alex Castiglione lives in Atlanta, and is an avid outdoorsman and competitive shooter.

Where-abouts include getting after it in his garage gym, practicing martial arts, hitting the trails, or running CrossFit and Strongman competitions.

His passion is helping animals and raising funds for his non-profit, Barbells for Bullies, which holds fundraiser fitness competitions dedicated to aiding Bully breed rescues, dog rescues, or other non-profits with similar missions.
QUESTION: Is there a way I can help the Navy SEALs directly with a charity?

ANSWER: Yes. We support the Navy SEAL Foundation. You can make a donation through this page here.

QUESTION: I read somewhere that jumping rope is a great conditioning workout. Do you have any workouts I could do?

ANSWER: Yes—check out this article: Jump Rope Tips and Workouts.