Flooring Tips for Garage Gyms

Flooring Tips for Garage GymsOne of the cool things about setting up a CrossFit garage gym is that you get to pick out flooring to cover up the concrete.

We started out with only a few mats as we were low on cash but eventually we filled up my whole garage.

Nothing worse than a raw concrete floor to drop metal weights on.

Here are a few tips and products on what we did to pick out your garage gym floor mats.

Video – How to build an Oly Lifting Platform

Check out ProSource Puzzle Gym Mats @ Amazon.com

One of the first decisions I had was on diamond pattern vs pebble pattern. I chose the diamond and it turned out really good and easy to clean. The pattern that is slightly rough is hard to mop over and clean.

Rogue Gym mats are indestructible rubber matting that are super heavy duty 3/4″ matting that will stand up to any type of abuse you can throw at it.

The Rogue Gym mats come with a black matting with diamond plate pattern that looks and feels industrial strength.

You can drop heavy loaded barbells without worrying about it cutting through the matting.

Flooring Tips for Garage GymsThe diamond pattern is slightly raised which helps a ton for traction and keeping you from slipping if your buddy creates a big sweat puddle next to you while working out.

The carpet at my local gym was getting thrashed so we put down Rogue Gym mats on top.

Many of the guys at my local gym are big fans of these mats and would recommend them if your starting out and trying to outfit a new CrossFit garage gym.

Supermats review by Charles:
Thick, gym-quality mats. Significantly more expensive than other options but the Supermats a better quality rubber mat for my home gym. None of that “foam” b.s., these are real rubber. The only draw-back is the price.

Be careful buying used mats
Gym mats may be something that you have to purchase as buying used is suspect (think of all the gallons of sweat leaked in). A good option are interlocking mats and you can put them where you want.

ProSource gym mat review by Lindsey:
I have a old basement with cement floors where I have all my exercise equipment (and only a pilates mat and a rug to do any floor exercise) It’s not so bad in the summertime but in the winter it’s too cold. I ordered one set of the ProSource gym mats (6 mats 6 feet by 4 feet) just to see how they would look in the basement. Each piece comes with a border on two sides. They were delivered in about 3 days, connect together easily and look very nice.

Rubber-Cal Armor lock mats review by KL:
I was looking to protect my wood flooring in a room that I was converting to a home gym. I bought a few samples of different products, rubber as well as other materials. Unlike this product, the rubber flooring smelled like old tires when I received it. It was also much more expensive than this material. I did some research and found that only rubber flooring made with virgin rubber, not recycled, would not have that heavy odor, but when I looked into those, they were 10 times the price of this product. I could see using those for a professional gym where your members paid for it, but way too expensive for me. So I tried the Rubber-Cal Armor lock mats –  Now I have my whole floor covered with it and it has been working great so far. It locks together quite well, it comes with the edge pieces which most others do not, and little to no seem at all. I would highly recommend for a home gym or under exercise equipment.

If your in a pinch and just starting out you can get some scrap carpet and padding from the local carpet store.  This will at least protect the concrete and keep it from chipping when you drop a heavy deadlift.  It will also protect your barbell and weights and help keep the inner brass inserts on the bumper plates from folding.  The bumper plates can also crack from slamming down weights so any cushion can help to preserve them long term. It is easier to buy scrap carpet than it is to replace a bumper plate.

The quicker you can get a good floor mat system down means the faster that you can preserve the concrete or carpeting on your floor.  A sign of a good CrossFit Garage Gym is that you take the time to invest in a good flooring system.

Check out XMark Fitness Gym Flooring @ Amazon.com

A great option is to put down a piece of plywood on the floor Asa lifting station. Then surround the plywood with the horse stall mats. It will take 5 of the horse stall mats to completely surround the plywood.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Should I have a lifting platform in my garage gym? If you have the room and space and are working on Olympic lifts, then yes.. go for it and install a lifting platform.

Question: Can you just go with bare concrete floors for CrossFit workouts in your gym? You can but it would be nice to have some rubber matting in areas.

Question: What are the barn mats that CrossFit athletes use for workouts? They are also called “stall mats” or “horse mats”.

Question: What is the best CrossFit flooring? Rubber mats are really nice if you can afford them.

Question: Why do CrossFitters use so many plates? It is because the gym can be very busy and they are just scrambling to get any weight on the bar that they can. Or because it looks good:)

Question: How much weight can you put on 3/4″ horse stall mats? More than you will be able to lift. Don’t worry about it. You can drive a truck over these mats and it not hurt them.

Question: How do you patch cracks in concrete gym floor? You can use calk, cement patch or bondo. As a quick backup you can use duck tape and then cover with rubber mats.

Question: What is a “GoMat” that you can drop a barbell on? You could drop a barbell from head high on a GoMat but a better choice would be to use a horse stall mat.

Question: Do you like the diamond plated rubber stall mats? Yes; we have 3 kinds of mats in our gym and we like the diamond plate mats the best for weightlifting.

Question: What are some horse stall mat and plywood lifting platform ideas? Check out the article above.

Question: how much would it cost to open up a crossfit gym? We started our gym on a shoestring budget with less than $1k. We had basic horse mats we bought at Tractor Supply.

Question: Where is the best place to buy crossfit platforms? You can get a CrossFit Oly Deadlift platform here at RogueFitness.com

Question: Coach, what is the cheapest way to outfit a crossfit box? The cheapest way to get your CrossFit gear is to do it yourself DIY.

Question: what the cheapest flooring to put down in a large gym? You can buy horse stall mats in bulk from Tractor Supply.

Question: What kind of tape do you use to seal stall mats?

We use Gorilla Glue Tough & Wide Tape to seal our horse stall mats.

Don’t use regular thin duck tape as it will fall apart quickly.

Question: How do you protect concrete floor while doing deadlift training? We put down rubber horse stall mats to protect the concrete floor during heavy lifts.

Question: What about using a deadlift platform vs rubber floor mats? The deadlift platform will absorb more weight in general.

Question: Where can I find out more about CrossFit? Check out the CF main website here:

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