Instagram Influencer TravisRaids pretends to be SF / Green Beret for Years over 40k Followers

News broke mid week that a well known Instagram Influencer / Tacticool guy Anthony Travis Nielson AKA: TravisRaids lied about being in SF and being a Green Beret.

Watch the YouTube Video Here from the Guardians of the Green Berets:

Guardians of the Green Berets first posted on Instagram that a well known Social Media Influencer was a fraud.

They collected evidence of his alleged Stolen Valor over a few weeks at the request of the Green Beret Foundation. A non profit group set up to help former Green Berets.

Anthony Travis Nielson Aka Travis Nielson, TravisRaids, Anthony Travis was contacted by the Guardians of the Green Berets and admitted to making the false claims.

He then submitted a written apology and changed his Social Media name. The account is now private.

In past instances of Stolen Valor. Offenders have been issued prison sentences for claiming false awards and military titles.

“An Army veteran who lied about receiving the Purple Heart and Silver Star medals received the maximum prison sentence of 12 months on Tuesday, according to the Justice Department.”

Gregg Ramsdell, 61, of Columbus, Georgia, also received three years of supervised release and he was ordered by the court to repay $76,000 to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Read Full Article HERE

Stolen valor is a deeply troubling and dishonorable act that involves individuals falsely claiming to have received military honors or served in the armed forces, typically for personal gain or recognition. This deceitful behavior not only undermines the genuine sacrifices made by veterans and active-duty military personnel but also erodes the trust and respect society places in those who have served their country.

Stolen valor can manifest in various forms, from wearing unearned military medals and uniforms to fabricating elaborate stories of heroic service. It is widely condemned, and various laws and organizations exist to prevent and expose such fraudulent claims, ensuring that the true valor of those who have selflessly defended their nation is duly recognized and honored.

We have seen hundreds of cases of Stolen Valor in the SEAL Community. Ret. SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley has spent years exposing frauds on YouTube and his website.

See more articles on Don Shipley’s Work HERE

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