Interview with Kokoro Graduate Jordan Gutierrez

kokoro 35SGPT: Tell us a little about your background coming into Kokoro?

JG: MY name is Jordan Gutierrez, I’m 20 years old, currently on my journey to BUD/s.

Completing Kokoro was the last task I wanted to complete before enlisting.

I played baseball and football in high school , but lost all my athletic abilities from an injury after a year in college so i had a lot of training and catching up to do to get to where I am now (put the time and effort in and you can accomplish anything, doesn’t matter what happened in the past is your excuse and its all BS AND all mental)

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Do You Have What it Takes to Make it Through Kokoro?

SGPT: What was the hardest part of Kokoro for you?

JG: The hardest part of Kokoro was getting 35 strangers to come together as a team in total chaos! Not working as a team in Kokoro will make things 20x harder and more stressful!

SGPT: How did you prepare for Kokoro and how long?

JG: I prepared for Kokoro by doing lots of wods, sometimes 3/4 a day. I highly recommend doing the OP WODS! I had been preparing for about 4 months before. A lot of the physical training was beneficial making sure my ruck, murph times,and pst scores were beyond the minimum standards but I focused on the mental training equally as much.

Going into Kokoro I was at one with myself and had total confidence I was going to finish. I had Visualized my class getting secured and had visualized passing the pst, Murph Log pt, every evolution I knew we were going to do I had visualized hundreds of times so when the time of those events finally arose I knew I put the Time and effort in and that my training would kick in.

Going into Kokoro I had completed a few events that I would recommend doing for the mental toughness aspect…
I had done 2 Olympic sized triathlons, escaped from Alcatraz( 1.5 mile swim + 7 mile run), Run a half marathon, and a GoRuck Heavy.

SGPT: What is one tip you would give a candidate for Kokoro to take heed?

JG: one tip… smile and have fun! learn to fall in love with those deep dark holes you will be in , those are the moments character is built!

SGPT: What kind of boots did you wear during the event?

JG: I wore the Bates 922 boots, they were solid but the lack of ankle support made the ruck a little more difficult, had some close calls with rolling my ankle! the 5.11 ATAC Storm Boot were a great choice from what my classmates told me.

SGPT: Did you use double socks or body glide on your feet to prevent blisters?

JG: I used 2 socks the whole time! unless in pt gear! One compression sock and one hiking sock on all times.

I used Trail Toes Foot Cream  to prevent blisters, still got some but they weren’t the worse in the class!

SGPT: What kind of ruck (backpack) did you use in training before the event?

JG: Before the event I used an ALICE pack. worked great! super durable metal frame!

I highly recommend it, got it at a local surplus store for about 50$, check Amazon too!

SGPT: How does it feel to be done and what have you learned?

JG: The moment coach Divine told us we were secured was one of the proudest moments of my life, the feeling was beyond describable, the feeling made all the pain and struggle completely worth it! I learned a ton of things from SEALFIT Kokoro, I also did the Comprehensive academy the week before Kokoro so I was able to learn much more, but to sum up what learned…

Trust the process ! you can do any obstacle they throw at you, learn to keep things simple especially mentally simple. instead of stressing over whats left and whats to come or what you just did and how tired you should be, focus on the present. focus on your team, if you see someone who is hurting more than you go and help them focus on their needs, focus on the mission. when you’re focus is on important tasks like those, you will start to loose focus on how tired you are and your personal pain/problems

SGPT: Thanks for the interview

JG: Hooyah coach thank you !

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