Regular Athlete Tackles Navy SEAL Fitness – Interview with SGPT athlete John Abott

Navy SEAL Inspired Fitness Programs can be for any level of athlete. Not just for the worlds most Elite Special Forces Operators.

John Abott found SGPT’s Training System in November of 2020. He jumped on our LTS On Ramp Training plan and got to WORK! At 42 years of age, he found himself on the couch and not getting after it training. Now he’s down 25 Pounds in 4 weeks. His number are climbing and he’s getting the results!

Here’s a quick Interview with John on how he found SGPT and his ups and downs along the way. It’s never easy, but it’s always worth it!

SGPT: Thanks for taking the time for the interview. You are definitely a guy who is getting off the couch during the holidays and have lost 22 lbs! Congrats!

JA: Hey Coach, Thanks for the opportunity, I hope it helps someone else who is having a hard time getting started. The thing I’ve learned is that motivation is fleeting,  mindset is everything.

SGPT: Tell us about yourself? Where are you from and where do you train?

JA: I’m 42 years old. I’ve had an on and off fitness journey, but for the greater part of 5 years, it’s been off. I’m from Jacksonville, FL and currently train at home.

SGPT: How did you hear about SGPT and get started?

JA: I heard about SGPT from a friend a few years ago.

SGPT: Which program did you start with and why did you chose that one?

JA: Originally I started with the 365 years ago, made a lot of excuses and quit. This time I started with the LTS program. I’m so glad you designed a scalable program to suit any fitness level.


SGPT: Do you work out at home or local gym? What equipment do you use for workouts? 

JA: working out at home and at the neighborhood playground. I’ve been able to get started pretty reasonably inexpensive. I have a 16/20/24 plyo box, sand bag, ruck sack, resistance bands, yoga mat and foam roller. I just ordered a pull up bar today (I’ve been using the play ground.)

SGPT: How long have you been on that workout series and what were your results?

JA: The day after Thanksgiving, I was 356 lbs. Today I weighed at 333 lbs. When I started the program  on Dec. 7th my baseline pushups were 25 and I can now do 32 in one minute, my sit ups and squats have improved similarly.

SGPT: How has your nutrition been during the workout series?

JA: For the first week, I cut all sugars. Protein for breakfast (post workout), salad with grilled chicken for lunch and chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli for dinner. I lost 6 pounds in the first week. For the last 9 days, I’ve been on the Smashin’ Greens Integrity Challenge. (Protein in the morning, Smashin’ greens for lunch and dinner.)

SGPT: How has your sleep averaged and are you getting enough rest days?

JA: My internal clock has always been wonky. I sleep well but only for about 5-6 hours. With the LTS there are enough active recovery and rest days, it’s not too overwhelming.

SGPT: What is one thing that you would like to see in future workouts?

JA: I’m pleased to follow the workouts as intended. I’m learning new movements and it keeps it interesting. I most look forward to being able to do pull ups and dips unassisted.

SGPT: what would you say to someone who is intimidated or hesitant to start a SGPT workout program?

JA: Just start. Do big, do small…just do.

SGPT: What is your next big goal?

JA: My first big goal is getting my weight down and completing pull ups, that will be a huge win. Big picture; I want to complete something big like a Freak Frog.

SGPT: Thanks for the interview and great job on pushing forward 1% and making gains!

JA: You’ve done the programming, I just have to do the work. Thank you for your expert tutelage and accountability!

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