Keen Targhee ii mid-tac review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Keen Targhee II boot and you make the decision on which is best for your feet.

Keen Targhee II boot review by J.Can:
This is my third pair of this boot. I really like this boot. Fits very well around my foot. It’s stable around my ankle. The toe protection is outstanding for light duty dirt kicking, but not steel toe. Either way I like the KEEN Targhee II Mid boot
. The waterproof is somewhat true, my foot doesn’t get wet, but after walking in a few puddles of water or wet lawns I do feel an increase of moisture (not water) around my foot, which is awkward.

Video Keen Targhee II Mid review

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The only way I can fully describe my admiration for this shoe is with a story. My dad and I go on an annual backpacking trip near his house in Montana. We’re pretty serious backpackers – sometimes doing over 30 miles in two days. This past summer I got all my stuff together and flew to Montana to go on the trip but realized the day before that I had forgot my trusty boots. I had no choice but to buy new shoes and backpack with them without breaking them in (breaking cardinal rule # 1 for backpackers). We went with the intent to “take it easy” and planned out a route of 20 miles in three days, but after the first 8 miles my feet were so happy that we extended the trip. It was some of the best packing I’ve ever done. And not only did I not get any blisters, but I didn’t get to the campsite with a fanatical desire to take off my shoes. Since then, I purchased an extra pair of these KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid boots because they make my feet just that happy. 🙂

Question: What are a good pair of military grade socks to go with the tactical boots?

We like the Fox River Military Boot Sock. These socks do a great job of protecting your feet and preventing blisters. These socks are ok to pack and take to Ranger school so you know they will be good enough for everyones feet out in the woods.

Question: Do any of the Special Forces use Salomon? Yes; the Army Rangers are issued boots by Salomon.

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Keen Targhee ii mid-tac review

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