Learn From Those Who Did Not Quit

Just getting back from Kokoro camp 28 – what a blast.

Tons of lessons to be learned throughout all of the 50 hours.

One of the things I like to hear and learn from is….

What keeps an athlete from Quitting.  Many of us think about “Quit” but we don’t. Why?

Check out these responses from many athletes who found themselves in a bad spot – but rallied.

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Learn from those who did not Quit # 1
Saturday morning….kokoro 13.  Mark divine just simply said….”Leyse!  get under that log….your team needs you!”  I did it!  Not sure why….just did it.  Had he NOT said that I don’t know that I would have finished the camp.  Jim  Leyse – Kokoro 13

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Learn from those who did not Quit # 2
Hi Brad, Thanks for your guiding light. I once did a 55 mile hike overnight to celebrate 150years of the police force I’m in. I’d worn the wrong shoes and after 15 miles I literally couldn’t walk anymore. I boarded a support van to sort my feet out and after a few miles and a change of footwear I got out the van and didn’t stop walking till I reached the end. My body was wrecked but the end was never going to beat me. It felt great crossing the finish line. Andy Barron

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Learn from those who did not Quit # 3
When I was back doing Jiu Jitsu I dislocated my shoulder during school when I was on the wrestling team. A special tournament was coming up and I had already signed up. I thought about it for weeks wether I was going to show up or not. My shoulder was feeling better but not completely. I went to the tournament anyway & all day I talked to myself to get fired up. I went anyways and I went on that mat as a beast. I ended up winning the whole tournament as a green belt in the advanced BLUE BELT division and gladly shook Herb Deans hand – Adam

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Learn from those who did not Quit # 4
Hi Brad, I really had to dig down deep this morning just to keep moving on my 3 mi run this morning! But the one that really stands out is the bay swim at Navy dive school. I had not passed the first swim, so I needed to pass this one. I went to the buoy, made the turn back and was trucking along. The swim was with fins, and my legs were getting smoked HARD. I’m going along, and a zodiac pulls up next to me. Instructor says “Vasquez, you have 30 seconds! Get your ass in gear!!” Man, the adrenaline got pumping pretty hard then because I was NOT failing. I kicked so freaking hard… I passed by about 1:30 so I think they were jacking with me. But I’m glad they did, and glad I didn’t settle. – AJ

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Learn from those who did not Quit # 5
From Charles Liles
February 2012 Garage Games, Woodstock, GA.  35 degrees and windy.  Field of pain individual event.  Three events X 2 rounds on 50 yard field. Drag 75lb sled down and back.  Carry 67lb stone down and back.  Burpee broad jumps down and run back.   Round two was deep in the pain cave.  Carried that $%^&*(^$# stone down and back; did not set it down. Huffing and wheezing.   One burpee broad jump at a time. Jump. Flop down. Up. Repeat.    Kept going. Slowly.  Propped up by eight people from my then gym (Fitness Battalion) who were five feet away walking with me and talking to me.  Kept moving. Hurt worse than any high school or college football practice.  My lane judge was Rhonda and she gets a hug when I see her at CFit events.  Charles Liles

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Learn from those who did not Quit # 6
From Harry H.
Hey Brad. Easy one. The time I didn’t quit was during our first solo jump in para school while I was with the French Foreign Legion. Here I was, a skinny 18 year old kid fresh out of basic training attending para training with a bunch of much more athletically gifted guys. My options were to try and compete physically with these guys and likely lose, quit, or find a way. I decided to be the most fearless bastard at para school and was standing right behind the jump master when the doors opened while the other guys were making nervous chatter. After that, jumping was easy, as was just about anything else our instructor threw at us. – Harry H.

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