Magnum Elite Spider boot reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Magnum Spider boot and you decide if it is good enough for your feet.

Magnum Elite Spider boot review by James:
These boots are the best boots i’ve ever owned.I am a 12B combat engineer in the army, stationed in alaska and these boots are great for the summer months,spring, and fall.

The Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Boot are everything that the description states; very comfortable, light, breathable,and rigid. For under $90 these boots will be very hard to beat. they are of sturdy design and well worth the money spent.

Video review for Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Desert Boots

Magnum Elite Spider boot review by Dawn
Words cannot describe how comfy these are. They are men’s boots and I am a women, well a tom boy lol. I did a major analysis on over 500 pairs of boots and chose these. I recently recovered from a wound incident on my ankle. I needed protection for my ankle, lightweight on the step, comfort cushioning throughout and high enough to help me stand up straight. These boots met all criteria for my medical problems.

Because I am walking on bones I needed the stability of the Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Boot. Due to the medical injuries I sustained anything I wear has to be in lieu of this. They are made very well with top quality products. I wear them every day and there really was no break in period. These boots actually helped me not fall (which I do a lot) and stand up straight for posture reasons. The ankle part was most important to me for protection. I absolutely love these boots and I have to thank our terrific military guys for the reviews they wrote. Not sure I would have found them if they hadn’t written them. Well worth the price and I am so happy I found something comfy. Love Love Love them!:)

Question: What are a good pair of military grade socks to go with the tactical boots?

We like the Fox River Military Boot Sock. These socks do a great job of protecting your feet and preventing blisters. These socks are ok to pack and take to Ranger school so you know they will be good enough for everyones feet out in the woods.

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