Navy SEAL Training is 80% Mental — WTF?

buds seal dropMost people don’t believe it when you tell them that Navy SEAL training is mostly mental.

But you can poll every single Navy SEAL that has ever lived and they will all tell you the same.

That SEAL training is 80% mental and 20% physical.

For me — I would say that number is more like 90% mental and 10% physical.

Video—Jeff Nichols and Navy SEAL Stew Smith talk about mental toughness

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You see – every guy standing on that grinder at the start has the basic physical requirements.

When we started Class 132 we had about 130 athletes. All had passed the initial screening.

But only 16 finished. That means only 8% of the class survived. Over 92% failed.

Again – they were all studs walking onto that grinder.

But I watched again and again guys way more physically capable of me begin to crumble – and Quit.

You could see it in their eyes as they began to buckle – as they were systematically broken into pieces.

I saw guys laid out cold on the side of the pool – drowned out from the previous evolution.

I saw guys so cold they hyped out and collapsed falling down as instructors wrapped them in warm blankets and carried them off.

So how does this relate to YOU? How can this help you in your daily struggles?

It can help you in that today you have to do one thing to improve your mind.

Read a good book

Get around others that are better than you “Iron Sharpens Iron”

Listen to a good audio to build your mind

Get accountable with your coach and redefine your goals.

Check out the Freak Frogman workout Ebook

where we work on the mental with the physical to help improve YOU 1% daily.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod


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