No Excuses 20 min Navy SEAL Bodyweight Workout

20 min no excuses Navy Seal workoutAs featured on and Yahoo Sport
Navy SEAL’No Excuses’ Bodyweight Workout

Wrist Stretch – 10x each way
Wrist Rotations – 10x each way
Arm Circles 10x each way
Press, Press, Fling – 10x
Up, Back and Overs – 10x
Shoulder Pass-Throughs – 10x
Hip Swivel Kicks (forward) – 15x each leg
Hip Swivel Kicks (side) – 15x each leg
Jumping Jacks – 25x
Hip Mobility Drill – 3 laps
Mountain Climbers – 25 (two-count)
Push-Ups (regular) – 20x
Swimmers Chest Stretch – 10x
Alternate Hand Forward Hand Back Push-Ups – 15x
High Jack High Jill – 10x each arm
Cherry Pickers – 10x
Airborne Heismans – 20x
Standing Pause Air Squat – 30 seconds
Dive-Bomber Push-Ups – 10x
Standing Lunge – 20x (10x each leg)
Air Squat – 50x
Push-Ups with Sideways Walk – 10x
Frog Jump Lateral Jump (1-foot high minimum) – 10x
Eight Count Bodybuilders – 20x
Split Jumps – 15x
Burpees – 20x
Ab Crunches – 25x
Wide Push-Ups – 15x
Sit-Ups – 50x
Push-Ups with Sideways Walk – 20x
Thai plank – 10 each side
Leg Levers – 25x
Reverse Crunches – 20x
Sitting Calf Stretch – 10x
Plank hold for 3 minutes

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Questions from our readers:

Question: Coach, how can you have a 20 minute SEAL workout? Yes; you can do a shorter version in 20 min and you can always add a 5k run at the end to make it longer.

Question: How did the “No Excuses” workout come about? It is based on the navy seal daily workout routine that we did at BUDS.

Question: Where can I find the brad mcleod workout video complete set? Check here:

Question: Brad,
How do you recommend working pull ups into the 20 minute (takes me about 40 with the warmup)workout? A pyramid after or on another day? Or sticking multiple sets of 5 or 10 into the routine (I’m trying to incorporate a volume of 100 or so pull ups into the 20 minute workout. Love the simplicity and challenge of it-like you said “no excuse” workout.
Thanks for your help,

P.S. I’ve purchased the pull-up and frogman workouts from you. Lost the pull up one off my phone. Could you send me another? If not I understand-it’s on me.

Answer: Just remove one or two of the other exercises and add in sets of 5 pull-ups.

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