Paleo Recipe for a Healthy Meal

Just want to make sure that all of our athletes are having a great week – getting in good workouts and eating great meals.

We love to eat clean fuel to help our Maserati engines (our bodies) work at peak capacity. We are partial to the Paleo nutrition plan as it emphasizes fresh vegetables, lean protein and avoiding processed food. Pretty simple:).

Paleo Tip #1
Cook more than you need so you will have extra meals for later in the week.

Herb Chicken Burger Paleo Recipe by Juli Bauer

Juli is great at showing us awesome recipes. Here she mixes chicken in with fresh vegetables. She adds some spices and herb to make it #AnythingButDull. She uses coconut oil as a really healthy choice.

Slowly cooking it up in a pan and then making them into patties (or sliders). The smaller they are the easier they are to cook.

These sliders have a ton of Flavor…Yum.

If you don’t like chicken you can use turkey, lean ground beef or even italian sausage – my favorite.

Let us know what you think about this recipe and share others with us.

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