Pavel’s Push-Ups

I was working out at SEALFit in Encinitas, California this last summer with Rob Budd, Kettlebell instructor and asking him about his training.

Rob is one of the top kettlebell trainers in the world and studied with Pavel Tsatsouline.

Rob was kicking my ass and showing me all sorts of new kettlebell exercisesI had never seen before. The conversation turned to bodyweight exercises and Rob mentioned the name Pavel Tsatsouline.  Rob explained ow much he had contributed to bringing the kettlebell training and many Soviet Special Forces techniques to the U.S.

Here is some of the information that Pavel smuggled back across enemy lines to bring to the land of the Free.

To do the routine first you have to find out the maximum number of reps you can do in pushups. After finding out your max, you will do a percentage of this number for your workout.

Week 1 Workout – Pavel’s Push Ups

Monday –

test the maximum number you can do.
Rest for 58 minutes then do 30% of max every 60 minutes till you go to bed.

Tuesday –  50% every 60 minutes you are awake. Sleep 8 hours.

Wednesday –  60% every 45 minutes

Thursday –  25% every 60 minutes

Friday –  45% every 30 minutes

Saturday – 40% every 60 minutes

Sunday – 20% every 90 minutes

Week 2

Monday – test your max again, 35% every 45 minutes

Tuesday –  55% every 20 minutes

Wednesday – 30% 15 minutes

Thursday –  65% every 60 minutes

Friday –  35% every 45 minutes

Saturday –  45% every 60 minutes

Sunday – 25% every 120 minutes

Week 3

Test for max

The routine is over, you can do it for two weeks, then do something else for another two weeks, then you can do the pushup program again.


Never go near failure except when testing your maximum.

Vary your reps, sets, rest periods daily.

Begin to taper down before a peak.

Do the routine when you get up in the morning and your last set of pushups should be done one hour before your bedtime.

Pushup Pyramid
for time – but keep good form.
post your time in comments

5 rounds for time
20 pushups with good form
run 200 meters
record your time in your training journal
Next week increase to 25 pushups

Pavel Tsatsouline is a renowned strength and conditioning expert, best known for his contributions to the world of strength training, kettlebell workouts, and physical fitness. His influence on the fitness industry is profound, as he has introduced innovative training methodologies and a wealth of knowledge on strength development. Tsatsouline’s approach emphasizes the importance of mastering the fundamentals, such as perfecting technique, consistency, and building functional strength. With his numerous books and instructional materials, Pavel Tsatsouline has empowered countless individuals to achieve their fitness goals and unlock their full physical potential.

Question: Is Pavels really training with the Soviet Spetznaz?

Answer: That is the word that is out on the street that he has trained Russian Special Forces.

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