Portable Kettlebell Sandbag Review

portable kettlebell sandbag reviewWe received a Kettlebell Sandbag from our good friend John Rarity (Kokoro class graduate) and wanted to give our readers a view of the bag in action.

We like it so much we are taking it down to Florida for Christmas break!

The bag has a very durable outer material that can withstand tons of abuse.

It comes with a carrying handle which is perfect for kettle bell swings and farmer walk.

SGPT reviews Kettlebell Sandbag

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I have been taking the bag with me on road trips and keep it in the back of my truck.

When ever I want to grab a quick workout I just break it out.

Durability test with Kettlebell sandbag

This bag is super durable and can take a lot of wear and tear.

Rob Budd at beach with kettle bell sandbag

Check out the SGPT interview with Rob Budd

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