Question of the week: How do you deal with injuries?

Hey Coach Brad, got a question for you. So I’ve been getting the emails and listening to the audio books and man can I really relate to the message you’re sending and get motivated by it. Problem I’m having though is not with working hard, motivation, or knowing what my goal is and putting in the effort to get there, the fire within is started and thriving.

My question is how do keep your sanity when you’ve trained your mind and body to think and become a better you that strives for the absolute best and then injury happens and slams on the E brake? I hurt my shoulder a few months back so instead of quitting and giving up I said to myself alright I will use this opportunity to improve where I’m weak ( legs, abs) a few months go by and I definitely notice progress. I went to PT for the shoulder during this time period and that appears to be getting better also but not 100% and I don’t wanna push it. Ya know so it seems like the hurdle is crossed and it’s time to keep on keepin on.. Right.. Wrong. Then boom…. I’ve started getting pain on the medial side of my knee. At this point im [email protected]&ing pissed off, frustrated, and a little deflated. I’m taking the measures to find the extent of these aches and pains but not working out and letting them heal is almost impossible because I feel like everyday I rest is another day I’m just losing all the progress I made, I just can’t let off the gas mentally. I’ve never been prone to injury so this is all a new experience having my body not 100% there for me. What can I do in the meantime to feel like I’m still growing 1% daily and not feeling like I’m taking 10 steps back.
Thanks – Ryan

Answer: sorry to hear about your injury Ryan.  Are you seeing a doctor to determine how severe the problem is? Have you been back to see your Physical Therapist?

You could be over training and pushing your body too far.

How many days a week are you resting? How much water are you drinking daily? On your rest days are you walking or doing yoga?

I would also look at your diet as you may not be getting enough clean fuel like vegetables and lean meats to help your body recover.

Are you doing yoga every week to help your body recover properly? Let me know as I would like to help you avoid injury and over training. Coach Brad

Question #2
my question would be along the lines of How do you train injured? A broken arm is a broken arm but say it’s just really bruised. How can you get around not injuring it more but still carry on with stuff. I used to get impact injuries all the time while kicking and punching got my methods but would be interested in yours. Must happen at hellweek too battered here and there still want to carry on right?! H.M.

I would take a few days off from sparring and allow your body to heal up. I would hike, do yoga and get extra sleep. Make sure your nutrition is clean to help your body repair quicker.

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