Robbie Caldwell ruck workout 2-10-16

robbie caldwell navy officer thomasville georgiaRuck 0.5 mile and 20 pushups (with #20 ruck)
Ruck to 1 mile mark and 30 pushups
ruck to 1.5 mile and 35 pushups
ruck to 2 mile and 40 pushups
ruck to 2.5 mile and 45 pushups
ruck to 3 mile and 50 pushups

Advanced athletes can add more weight and go longer distance. Every 0.5 mile add 5 more pushups.

Note time and distance in comments below.

Robbie Caldwell served as an officer in the United States Navy and was known as both a good father, husband and friend to many. He was called home to visit the Lord on 2-8-16 after a decade long battle with Huntington’s disease.