Sales Strategy #1

Sales Strategy #1: Attract Prospects To You As Opposed To Approaching Them

As an alternative to calling people to introduce to sales, attract prospects to you online who inquire about your sales business. 

The majority of sales reps are instructed to “make a list” of people they know and approach these people about their company. While this tactic is a good idea for getting things started, it’s a short-term method only. Once sales networkers run out of people on their list to speak to, they take this “approach people” way of thinking to the cold market, and start approaching strangers they meet at events, at restaurants, etc. to introduce them to their sales business. This kind of cold market approach is usually an incredible waste of time, due to the fact 99.9% of people one meets AREN’T a good fit for the business (even if they sign up).

Attracting prospects, as opposed to approaching them, has HUGE advantages:
• Much higher conversion rates into your sales business. You will get more income with significantly less effort
• Sponsor 5 to 10 times more prospects, so your income growth rate increases exponentially
• Significantly less hassles. You deal with people really serious about your business opportunity. Not with deadbeat prospects.

Sales Strategy #2: Market More Than Everyone Else 
High-earning entrepreneurs normally market more prolifically than everyone else.

How well you implement the basic network marketing skills (prospecting, following up, presentation) will influence how quickly your business grows.

But it’s also true that the QUANTITY of your execution makes as much of a difference, or more than, how well you perform each task.

Outpromoting the competition means attracting more website visitors and generating more leads on a daily basis than others.

If you’re marketing with content, then put up more articles, video clips, and blog posts than everyone else.

Every time you implement more advertising, then place more advertisements, in more places, than most of your competitors.

If you are doing webinars to pitch your AdvoCare business, then do several webinars just about every week. Not once every month or so.

Being an extremely prolific marketer means that you email your list helpful strategies (and a call to take action!) to your list every day. Not occasionally. Each Day!


If you attract more website visitors, create a larger number of leads, and give more presentations than the competition, you will probably generate more income than others and grow a large sales business.

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