Sand Ball Workouts

We really like the sand ball as a workout tool.

It is incredibly simple and in a pinch – easy to make.

Check out these videos, tips, exercises and info on the sand ball workouts.

Workout #1
Throwing sand ball up over head and backwards
100 meter throw
run 200 meters
100 meter throw back to start




DIY Sand Ball – Make your own

Check out the Titan Fitness 20 lb Slam Spike Ball @

If you don’t have the time or energy you can always buy a sand ball.

Now that you have the gear lets put it to work. The sand ball is very portable so you can take it most anywhere. Check out this workout at the beach.

Sand Sprints – Burpee – Ball Slam workout

Check out the Rep V2 30 lb Slam Ball @

Sand Ball Workout #2
5 rounds for time
Sprint 40 yards
10 burpees
sprint back 40 yards
10 ball slams

Sand Ball Workout #3
1 mile over head throw sand ball
sprint after ball after each throw

A close friend to the sand ball is the stone. Check out these stone lifts to build strength with lifting an odd object.

Stone workout #1

Check out the j/fit Medicine Ball 25-Pound @

Sand Ball Workout #4
5 rounds for time
Pick up sand ball and sprint 50 meters
Drop and do 10 push ups on sand ball
Throw sand ball back 50 meters

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