Intensity Nutrition Review

Once a quarter I go out to Encinitas, California to work as a coach at SEALFit Kokoro.  If you have never been out to Encinitas, this place is nice.  Palm trees line the streets and you can smell the ocean breeze wherever you go.

A great place to workout and challenge yourself with SEALFit Kokoro. I usually arrive early as I love to workout in the SEALFit compound and then run on the beach and do some bodyweight exercises.

The workouts there always kick my butt and my muscles are screaming for recovery.

intensity nutrition reviewWhile I am there I work pretty much non-stop with about 3 hours of sleep a night.  I run with the Kokoro candidates, coach them up on PT workouts and exercises and at times do a lot of screaming.  The pace is non-stop and I need tons of protein and carbs to fuel my body. There is not a ton of time to sit around and go get a super nice meal.  You gotta grab something quick, often on the run and it better have good protein in it.

While out at SEALFit Kokoro I came across Intensity Nutrition products.  I didnt know anything about them so figured I would give them a try.  I reckoned that if Coach Mark Divine and his staff and all of the Immersion camp were using it – thenf it had to be high quality.

I bought a gallon of milk from the local store and brought it back to the fridge and mixed up a tall glass of chocolate protein mix.  I am kind of funny about my protein — if it doesnt taste right then I cant drink it.  But with Intensity Nutrition, this stuff is really good and doesnt stick to the top of your mouth.

I chugged down that glass and went on a 5 mile run with the Kokoro guys and then later that night went on nearly a 12 mile hike up hill to Poway Mountain.  I was burning calories like mad and the Intensity Nutrition kept fueling me the whole way.  Early next morning I did it all over again with another tall glass of Intensity to keep me going to mid afternoon and the finish of Kokoro.

After drinking Intensity Nutrition protein, I felt like I had a ton of energy and power.  I wasnt weighed down like you feel after eating a big meal.  Back at home in the Dirty South – I continue to use Intensity Nutrition and have gone on a personal record setting binge despite being 47 years old.  Here are a few of my recent statistics.

Deadlift – before 325 – now 365
Squat – before 325 – now 355
Nancy – before 16:15 – now 13:27
Filthy Fifty: before 35:28 – now 30:30
Diane: before 16:59 now 9:12

I have made numerous gains despite my age and attribute much of it to using clean protein powder like Intensity Nutrition.  I look and feel great!

If your looking for a high quality protein that flat out taste good – then I highly recommend Intensity Nutrition.

Question: Where can I get an Intensity nutrition coupon?
If your are in need of an Intensity Nutrition coupon code or Intensity Nutrition discount code – email me.

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