SEALgrinderPT 10-10-12

Swim 2000 m or Row 500’s or run Stadium Stairs
warmup with     Navy SEAL grinder PT
    wrist stretch  – 10 each way
    wrist rotations  – 10 each way
     Arm circles 10 each way
     Press, press, fling – 10
     Up, back and overs – 10
     Shoulder pass throughs with pole – 10
    Hip swivel kicks forward  – 15 each leg
    hip swivel kicks side  – 15 each leg
    Jumping jacks  25
hip mobility drills (     Mtn Athlete HIM drill) – 5
    Mountain climbers  – 25 – two count
    Pushups – regular  20
     Swimmers chest stretch – 10
    alternate hand forward hand back pushups  – 15
   high jack high jill  – 10 each arm
   cherry pickers  – 10
    airborne heismans  – 20
    standing pause air squat  – 30 seconds
     standing hip flexor stretch  – 5 each leg
    Standing lunge  – 20 (10 each leg)
    air squat  – 50
    pushups – wide  – 10
    frog jump lateral jump  (1 ft high minimum) – 10
    eight count bodybuilders  – 10
    split jumps  – 15
    situps  – 25
    burpee with frog broad jump  – 10
     plie squat stretch  – 10
    heavy weighted situps  – 25 (30 lb. weight)
    flutter kicks  – 50 four count
    crunches  – 25
   reverse crunches  – 20

You can scale up on each of these exercises and add more to each one.


Swim 2000 meters or Row 500’s or Stadium Stairs
for swim – warmup with 200m freestyle
10 poolside dips
500 m combat swimmer stroke (for time)
15 poolside dips
500 m freestyle (for time)
20 pushups
300 m cool down with breast stroke
25 pushups
use fins

Row 500 meters x 4 with 2 minute rest between each round
log times for each 500m

Run Stadium Steps (or steep hills)
with weight vest or back pack
10 sprints up and down
alternate 30 air squats and 15 burpees each round
record time, distance and load

PM workout
weighted Pullup pyramid 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1 workout
record weights used and reps performed

   Yoga cobra stretch  – 10 breath
   Plie squat stretch  – 10 breath
   Yoga downward dog  – 10 up down
   Yoga frog  – 3 minutes
10 minutes of deep breathing/meditation/visualization

   Navy SEAL  frogman grinder PT workout designed for Robert C, Christopher H, Felix S, John R, Dan R, Matt Falcone, Billy M, Kevin F, Zak S, Ryan M., Shane P, Travis R, Jake B, and every athlete that wants to improve their body and mind.

Photos by Kath Knox, CrossFit North Atlanta

Post time and thoughts below in comments.

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