SEALgrinderPT 8-25-11

Collins workout
navy seal fallen David M CollinsRun 200 meters
20 double unders or 80 single unders
20 walking lunges (each leg)
run 400 meters
40 double unders/160 single unders
40 walking lunges each leg
run 800 meters
80 double unders/ 240 single unders
80 walking lunges each leg

post time in comments
cool down with 3 mile plus ruck with weight
if you have no ruck or area to hike then run/climb stairs

David Michael Collins, 45, passed away March 12, 2014.
Born in Pennsylvania, Dave attended Lock Haven High School. He served for 25 years in the Navy and was a SEAL. During his career, he served in the first Gulf War, the Iraq War and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He received many commendations during his distinguished career, including a Bronze Star and a letter of recognition from Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. David passed away under mysterious circumstances while working as a security contractor onboard the USS Maersk.

double under jump rope video

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