SEALgrinderPT Pull Up Contest 2013

The Pull Up Contest 2013
Start: July 1
End: July 30
The rules are simple —
Video your max efforts of pullups.

Post up your video of you doing pullups (chin above bar) on the SEALgrinderPT facebook events page.

You will be judged by TEAM SGPT.

2 divisions – dead hang pullups  and kipping pullups  (regular or butterfly ).

Highest number of accurate chin above bar pullups wins. No time amount but must be all in on bar session (no dropping off bar and starting again).

In the case of a tie – you will get 1 extra  pullup point if you call out “SEAL grinder PT” at the start of the video.  1 extra point if you add a visual link  1 extra point if you imbed a link – so 3 extra pullup points available to be used in a tie breaker.

All pullups must have chin over bar.  Leave no doubt.  Dont submit a video with chin almost over the bar.   SEALgrinderPT  will be posting up tips and advice during the whole contest to give you little golden nuggets to help boost your pullup PR.

Prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd of each division plus the notoriety of being the “Grinder Pullup King (or Queen) and braggin’ rights for the whole year.

Dead Hang Pullup Division

1st place – Set of Rogue Fitness gym rings

2nd place – Intensity Nutrition Protein

3rd place – SGPT T Shirt

Kipping Pullup Division

1st place –

2nd place – Intensity Nutrition Protein

3rd place – SGPT T shirt

OPEN Category
1st Place – Most INTENSE gains on pullups – Intensity Nutrition Protein
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Put on your game face and lets get it on!

Need help with pull ups? Check out this Navy SEAL pull up workout book

Email Brad at with any questions

SEALgrinderPT is a Navy SEAL  bodyweight exercise program that will help you improve your pullups. Check us out at

The winner in the 2011 contest for dead hang pull up division was Lee Wade Turner with 41 perfect pull ups.  Check out Lee Wade Turners interview as he discusses bodyweight training and being a Bar-Barian.

SEAL grinder PT Pullup Contest Sponsors

Military Grade Supplements- Intensity Nutrition

SealFit Training Camp Banners 2011

SealFit Training Camp Banners 2011