SGPT Holiday Book List

We all have a few extra hours of down time as we approach the holidays. Spending a long weekend at GrandMa’s house? Grab your ruck and go on a hike. When you get back read a good book for 5 minutes or more.

What books are you reading now?

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Kill Bin Laden:

This has been one of my favorite books as I have read it twice in the last year.

The story of where they almost caught Bin Laden the first time up in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Unbeatable Mind:

This book is a go to for developing the mental edge.

My copy is next to my night stand and is dog eared and several passages underlined. Highly recommended.

Lone Survivor:

I have read this book three times and now and have given out a few copies as gifts.

This book stands out as as a positive mental story of beating the odds and surviving.

I will be getting an extra copy this year for my son.

Code Name Johnny Walker:
This is a new book for me with an intriguing story.

I have traded a few messages with Johnny and really eager to read his story.

Living with a SEAL:

Billionaire Jesse Itzler invites Navy SEAL David Goggins to come live in his house and train him for a month.

This book is hilariously funny… gotta get a copy of this.


Time Collapsing:


We just added Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win and have a copy on the way.

Flow Running by Jeff Grant
I just ordered a copy and look forward to reading this.

I have trained personally with Jeff at SEALFIT in Encinitas and know that he gives world class coaching and really cares about athletes improving.

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