SGPT Weekly Challenge #1

navy seal pull upsCheck this out — a really simple challenge for this week.

Only a few of you will rise to the occasion.

That is ok because this is a test.

As the Instructors say in BUD/S SEAL training – “It pays to be a winner.”

Each day next week we will have a contest.

Monday – 50 pushups (at any time during the day in any combination)

*if you need help with pull ups check out our our SGPT pull up program HERE

Tuesday – 50 pull ups (same as above and you can do jumping pull ups or Australian)

Video with Australian pull ups

Wednesday – 50 toes to bar or good morning dollies (lay on back and lift feet up six inches – spread legs wide and then put feet together. That is one rep.

Thursday – 50 pushups

Friday – 50 pull-ups

post you efforts each day in comments on each daily workout we post (yes; you can do that workout also).

(dont post on facebook – post in the comments below each SGPT daily workout).

If you post all workouts – we will put your name in a hat.

My daughter Ollie will draw the names (We will film it)

We will post at 5 pm EST the winner on Facebook and Twitter.

If you win the drawing – we will send you a Tanto Blade Survivor HK-106280 Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

(we have sent these out before). We will mail it to your house

Why are we doing this? Because we want you to get better as an athlete.

We want you to be accountable.

After the SGPT workout and extra work –

we suggest you eat a good meal with lean protein.

Wash that down with some Athletic Greens – that is what I use daily to get extra greens in my diet.

Sit down and read 5 minutes from a good book and fill your mind with good images.

Got a Question? Post it up in comments in todays workout and I will answer

I will be online and working tonite till 12 AM (EST).

I love to answer questions and help athletes.

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