Speak it into Existence


Have you ever noticed that top athletes and business people speak about their goal as if it is done?

The best example of that and the master of speaking into existence is Muhammed Ali—“I am the Greatest”

Recently, Chris Weideman shocked the MMA world. With a knockout of Anderson Silva (considered by many to be the greatest pound for pound MMA fighter).

Weideman had spoke in interviews about already beating Silva in his mind.

I am not saying to go around beating your chest and spraying to everyone you know about how great you are.

What I am saying is to pick a goal and speak to yourself as if it is already done.

At the young age of 19 — I would proclaim to anyone that would listen that I would graduate BUD/S and go on to be a Navy SEAL.

Yes; I got many laughs and was more careful who I said this to in upcoming weeks. But I was conditioning my mind to actually accept this as true.

Believe it or not – your mind will not know the difference.

Another great example is Joe Namath and his infamous 1969 Super Bowl “guarantee”—that his team would beat the New York Jets that year.

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