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Check out all of the cool military style gear at Tactical Distributors.

We just got connected with TD and love their products.

They are based out of Virginia Beach where I used to live as a young SEAL in the Teams.

This is your place to hook up with all the tacti-cool gear you want and need.

tactical distributors holiday special discount

Scroll down and see some of the great deals, coupons and discounts they have at TD.

High Quality Military Tacti-Cool Gear On Sale. Next Day Air All Orders!

TD is a distributor for LALO boots which are our favorite go-to boots.

I would rather wear these than my running shoes as they are so frikking comfortable.

I wear them every day and on every event that I go to and coach.

LALO boots are super comfortable and are lightweight for workouts.

Plus they drain quickly as we know you are going to get them wet.

Combat-Flip-Flops-Another item that TD sells are Combat flip-flops.

I have a pair myself and they are so comfortable.

They say that they are “not good for running and worse for fighting”.

The Combat flip-flops are chill out sandals for walking to the beach and sipping a brew with your buddies.

They are made in war zones and the company is owned be veterans. Give them a view.

I also own a pair of their green webbing sandals.

outdoor research crest hatAnother item that we really like is the Outdoor Research crest hat.

Made for climbing, mountaineering and hiking — you can put it to use out on the range shooting weapons or on a long bike ride and you want to cut the wind.

I have used this cap to keep warm on a winters day when out trail running.

It is a great cap to have in your pack when the weather turns south.

Tacticaldistributors.com offers a 10% military discount. They also have fast returns and exchanges.  You can get a free upgrade to next day air shipping.

tactical distributors military 10 percent discount

Question: Where can I find out more info about joining the Navy SEALs? Check out the recruiting website here:

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