Thief Steals Identity of USA’s Oldest Veteran and Empties His Bank Account

Despite careful care by his family, a thief somehow attained the bank account numbers and social security number of Richard Overton, a 112-year-old World War II veteran, generated a debit card and depleted the account.

The discovery was made by one of Overton’s cousins when she logged on to make a deposit into his account from the GoFundMe page his family established in 2016 to help pay for his required 24-hour care.

To her horror, she discovered many debits to the account—several of which were for savings bonds through Treasury Direct—which zeroed out the account.

Overton volunteered for service in 1942 and became a member of the Army’s 188th Aviation Engineer Battalion, an all-black unit that served on various islands in the Pacific.

Although donations over the last two years to Overton’s GoFundMe page have exceeded $400,000—but the money has been depleted by use and by the recent theft (the number shown on the page indicates amount donated, not what’s currently available.)

If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here.

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