Top 10 Enhanced Trigger Guards Review

Just got this email question this morning “What would be a good enhanced trigger guard to install on my AR-15?”.

There are several types that you can install and we just did that to our weapon.

Adding a new one will give you a more ergonimical design and give you added room if you are using gloves.

Check out these tips and you make the best decision for your AR.


Review by JimDean:
Got this guard for my AR the other day and installed it myself in only a few minutes.

The GunTec USA T6 Aluminum was a big upgrade as all i had before was a straight bar and wanted to get something more curved.

I like the way it looks and the boys at the range were asking about it.

It only cost me $12 so I figured it would be hard to go wrong on this one.

Rifle Ammo in Stock


In my humble opinion, Troy makes the best AR accessories on the market and this is a great example. This trigger guard is well constructed (unlike many of the plastic types out there) and will allow easy access to the trigger even with large hunting gloves.

The Troy Enhanced Rifle Trigger Guard is easy to install and looks good on my rifle as well. I would recommend this to anyone looking to replace the trigger guard on an AR, and yes, it is worth the price.

My order from Amazon arrived ahead of the scheduled deliver date which is rare these days.

MagPul enhanced trigger guard


Most xcellent stealth gray Magpul Industries Polymer Trigger Guard upgrade that compliments all of my Magul SL stealth furniture on my Colt LE6920.

** Note: the installation of it was not simple. It takes a little patience and can give you fits.

This trigger guard was probably the more aggravating but once it’s in, it beautiful.
25 reviews on Amazon averaging 5 stars. Cost $8.94


Excellent guard for the price. Ones received came with the front detent release pin installed & came with a roll-pin for the rear.

The guard is machined in the rear allowing enough metal to fill the gap between the grip & the lower rear guard pin lugs.

Not a big name brand guard like some of the Tacti-cool crowds use, but it does the job.

The Rousch® Oversize Drop In  does look aesthetically good installed.

Brownells also makes a nice oversize drop in.

BTW; use some light lube on rear roll-pin when installing & use light punch strikes while driving pin.



This is a very nice quality trigger guard that was shipped to me promptly by

The Flagaway Black Rifle HEAVY DUTY is easy to install right out of the box with minimal parts.

It gives extra room for use with gloves which was what I was looking for it.

Also changes the look of my AR slightly which is a major bonus.

Spikes Tactical

spikes tactical gen II billetThe guard is billet guard. What more can you say about toughness and quality at a good price.

The finish is very nice and soft to touch on the inner side of the index finger.

I also grabbed this Spike Compact 6-24×50 AOL Rifle Scope while I was upgrading my rig.

Spikes has nothing but quality parts so I’m proud to have my AR-15 wear their spider logo.

My buddy is going to pick up one also for his rig.

Enhance your lower receiver


Made in Taiwan. At least it isn’t China.

What I don’t like about them is that they use a set screw in the front instead of the typical spring detent style that you can pop open. The Strike Industries Fang Series also have a little play in the front. I was also able to push the roll pin in without using any tooling. If it vibrates out I will replace it with an American roll pin.

I wish they gave us other combinations like two regulars. Overall I a happy with them and how can you go wrong with two trigger guards for $9.95 with free shipping. They shipped them out fast too.

They give you a bigger finger opening than standard. I will buy more.

review by BV:
At first I was concerned the guard would encroach upon my middle finger because it does extend further down than the big-name, more expensive Magpul trigger guard.

There is plenty room between the guard and the rest of my fingers. The Genetic 6061 T6 Operator is oversized.

As for room for my trigger finger… it’s abundant!

It has a bunch of room for someone wearing gloves to properly fire their AR.

dead on arms trigger guard#2 DEAD ON ARMS
review by MT:
I think this is a pretty well made product. I inserted it into my lower with no problem, and no rattling. I think fit has a lot to do with the tolerances of the lower.

The Dead on Arms guard is aluminum, spring actuated pins worked great and it was much easier to install, and there is no threat of breaking the ears off your lower.

In my opinion, great product. If you don’t like it, send it back and get a MagPul, but I think its worth the $18.00.

21 reviews at with an average of 4.7 stars

review by Kevin:
I would recommend this trigger guard to a friend since it has a guide pin installed already.

The Tapco Intrafuse AR Trigger Guard Assembly is good to go. Most aftermarket trigger guards come with a pin you have to screw in yourself.

I have messed up a number of trigger guards trying to install the part myself.
9 reviews at Cabelas with average of 4.5 stars

Question: What about metal vs polymer? Or Magpul vs Tapco?
Answer: Both are good but metal is going to be stronger most of the time.

Question: What about aluminum vs plastic?

Answer: Aluminum will be stronger than plastic in the long haul.

Question: What about Magpul vs Molin Labe? Or Troy vs Tapco?

Answer: I learned a lot just hanging out at the local range and talking to guys out there on the weekend shooting and several use Magpul. I also checked out a few local matches and some of the better guys had special stuff.

Question: How can I find out more about protecting my gun rights?

Answer: Check out the NRA website here:

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