Top 10 Tactical Wallet

Check out our list of the Top 10 best Tactical Wallets and you decide which one you would carry everyday.

#10 HuMn Wallet 2

I purchased one of the HuMn Wallet 2 about 13 months ago and have been carrying it with me all day every day, along with my phone and keys.

I normally carry in the wallet one credit card, one debit card, DL, student ID. Sometimes cash, sometimes other cards if I need them (which I usually don’t).

The paint on the wallet has held up pretty well. There is some wear on the edges, but that is to be expected. I think it looks more unique and gives it character. The elastic band is virtually indistinguishable from when I first purchased it despite regular use. Some leather wallets of the past have fallen apart on me or looked like garbage after this much use, so in comparison, it has held up extremely well.

Thanks to the technological advances in the patented HuMn wallet design, you can customize this RFID shielding wallet the way you want without compromising its slim profile. You can use it as a two-plate wallet for securing more items while on the go. Or, you can opt to break it down and use it in its single plate form. Low-profile and sophisticated, the HuMn Mens Wallet is suitable for frequent traveling and shopping. This HuMn Mens Wallet comes in olive green. HuMn wallet design, you can customize this RFID shielding wallet the way you want without compromising its slim profile. You can use it as a two-plate wallet for securing more items while on the go. Or, you can opt to break it down and use it in its single plate form. Low-profile and sophisticated, the HuMn Mens Wallet is suitable for frequent traveling and shopping. This HuMn Mens Wallet comes in olive green.

#9 Dango Tactical Wallet

As someone who loves to be prepared for anything, the Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet has been an absolute game-changer for me. This wallet is built to last, with high-quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear, and its compact size makes it easy to carry around in any pocket.

The wallet’s multi-tool is incredibly useful, with functions that have come in handy more times than I can count. I also love the included paracord lanyard, which adds an extra layer of functionality and makes the wallet easy to access. Overall, I highly recommend the Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet to anyone looking for a high-quality and versatile wallet that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

#8 5.11 Tactical x Recycled Firefighter Sergeant Leather Wallet
5.11 Tactical® and Recycled Firefighter® have teamed up once again to offer you a custom, limited edition leather card wallet made from rejected and repurposed American Military Boot Leather.

The 511 tactical recycled firefighter wallet is sewn right here in the States with red T-90 nylon thread and edged with 1″ Mil-Spec nylon ribbon with a black typhon design.

Its slim yet durable design holds 4 to 8 cards all while being fire and water resistant.

This wallet sets the standard for quality and is the perfect item for your EDC collection.

#7 Hazard 4 Mil iWallet

My wallet arrived really fast! The deliver packaging of the box was in excellent condition (Much appreciation to the delivery service of my wallet) and I like the product packaging because of all the information it contains about the functions of my wallet. I really didn’t like my wallet at first as far as it holding my money in place, but after a while I got used to it. Because the inside folds where money can be held is made of a nylon type of mesh, I always felt like my bills would slip out, but upon further experience, this is not the case, everything is held firmly in place so long as you tighten the Velcro strap on the outside of the wallet accordingly. My Samsung Galaxy SIII I believe will fit in the zipper compartment, but that would be possible if I removed the thin plastic casing (Pt Brand) from my phone. However I use that zipper compartment to store all my loose change, documents, guitar picks, and so forth. I made a paracord loop and fastened it to the carabiner to secure my wallet to my belt. This wallet has a masculine, bold, stealth, and very busy design. I always get compliments on my Hazard 4 Mil-Iwallet and many guys ask me what kind of wallet it is. This wallet is no longer than your average HD biker wallet, but it’s bulkier, you’ll notice it when you sit down! Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it for any person who doesn’t want to take their formal, fancy leather wallet out on a hike, but instead has a wallet that will compliment their tactical gear, and inner adventurist.

#6 Nite Ize Financial Multi-Tool Wallet
Bysojourner75on March 15, 2017
Verified Purchase
Just received this item and am going to give it a week or so. I have concerns that:

1) The edges of the Nite Ize Financial Multi-Tool Wallet are too sharp and will dig into and create holes in my pockets.

2) The black rubber band that holds the two plates together seems to be doing “too good” of a job; it’s pretty difficult to get the plates apart to pull out cards, cash, etc.
3) While the rubber band provided does appear to be high quality, I wonder how long it will last. No spares are provided.

Nite Ize

Check out the Rapdom Tactical Wallet @

#5 Spine Titanium Wallet + Bottle Opener

Made 100% in the USA.

Anodized colors(cobalt, gold, emerald, and Fuego) may be prone to fingerprints.

The Spine wallet is made from grade 5 titanium surrounded by a sturdy elastic band. It is .04″ thick, weighs only 0.7 oz. and comes with an integrated bottle opener.

Titanium is used because it is as strong as steel but weighs 40% less. It is non-magnetic, anti-allergic, non-corrodible and rust-proof.

– 3.43″ (H) x 2.185″ (W) x .04″ (Thick)
– 87.1mm (H) x 55.5mm (W) x 1mm (Thick)

Comes with:
– (1) Titanium Spine wallet
– (1) Black elastic band
– No logo

– Typically ships next day.

Question: Where can you buy the Spine Wallet?

Answer: Check out Spine

#4 Hell Bent money clip 

Been using this for a few months and the Hellbent Carbon Fiber Money Clip is holding up good.

So far so good. Really Don’t have any complaints.
Hell bent got the w on this one.

Compatible with the Combat Wallet.

#3 Gerber GDC Money Clip

Okay here is my in-depth review since all the other reviews are mostly complaints.

First off, the Gerber GDC Money Clip is fairly large. I was surprised when I got it, its about the length of an iPhone 5 screen (the screen, not the whole phone) and it’s a quarter less thick than the iPhone 5 itself. It has a heaviness to it. Not cumbersome, but enough to make it feel like it’s made of quality materials.

The clip is made of very durable materials. I’ve had mine for a day now and I expect it to survive drops and scratches. It’s also rust proof due to coatings and metal material choice by gerber which is awesome.

The clip holds cards well, tight and secure. A lot of people think they can fit their wallet into this and still have a functional product. This is a MONEY CLIP. Not a metal, knife holding wallet. It will hold 3 maybe 4 cards plus a couple bills before it’s knife functionality is gone. If you cannot survive off an ID and two credit cards, do not buy this.

The knife is surprisingly thick. I thought it would be a bit thinner due to the photos but it’s actually really sturdy and high quality. It’s super sharp too. Some people complain that it’s not sharp enough. Sharpen it then. Don’t complain about something that can be fixed easily. The knife locks securely into the clip and will NOT fall out. The knife lock to keep the knife in place is physically impossible to accidentally press.

The only draw back is the fact that if you load more than a few card + bills into the wallet, you cannot draw the knife out due to the way it’s engineered. I rarely run into this problem because I’m a minimalist with what I carry in my wallet, but when I do, it’s hell.

I like the clip a lot actually. It looks awesome as well. I hope gerber makes a second version and fixes the knife lock problem I mentioned above.

Again, do not buy if:

You carry a lot in your wallet.
You like storing receipts/gift cards/membership cards in your wallet
You don’t like metal, non-plyable wallets

Buy the Gerber GDC Money Clip if:

You need a knife for protection/utility on the daily routine
You carry minimal clutter in your wallets
You like to keep things sleek and simple

yFernando A.on March 27, 2017
Color: Jet Black/Jet Black|Verified Purchase
Let me start by saying that this wallet is way better made than I anticipated. May be a bit tricky to use the first couple of times, but after a day or so you’ll be used to it. The combination of the metal chasis, the leather, and the silicone band just makes it work. Definitely a conversation starter.

What can you carry in the Dango Tactical EDC Wallet? I keep 5 cards and some cash, but it can definitely hold more. I was carrying things that I most definitely didn’t need in my older wallet.

Will you ever need the things this wallet features? Depends on your lifestyle, but I feel better having them than not. If I was ever in a bind, this is definitely good quality and will serve its purpose.

Will this wallet last? Very high quality materials.. but if anything gets damaged, they sell parts. You can also customize it with different parts they sell.

#1 Trayvax Element Wallet
The Trayvax Element Wallet (Mississippi Mud) Well made wallet. Mine holds 8 credit cards, one BART pass, two thick security badges, a driver’s license, and cash. I could easily add another card, maybe two.

* red all bled out whike soaking. It’s light brown now. 🙁
* no quick access slot for frequently accessed cards (BART or Clipper card).
* needs a bigger ID window. Stitch it so it won’t deform.

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