Trail run workout 9-16-15

david goggins trail5k trail run (or more)

trail run in hills

or more distance if you feel like it.
run through creek or water at some point.

if no trail run on asphalt. Try not to run on a tread mill. If you have a beach or rivers edge run there.

the key is to use the same course you used 30 days ago so that you can compare times

Post distance and terrain in comments below.

Question: What is a good trail running shoe that you like and recommend?

We like the La Sportiva Wildcat Trail Running Shoe for all around trail running, hiking, ruck marching or a quick session at the gym.

Do you have a list of other good trail running shoes? Yes; check out this article:

How can I learn more about US Army Special Forces? You can check out the US Special Forces main website here:

Post time and thoughts below in comments.