Training Log Improvement Tips

If you want to improve as an athlete and a better human – one of the building blocks is to have and maintain a daily training log.

Here are a few tips to help you get your training log dusted off and put to good use to help you improve your workouts and hit new personal records.

Many of the greatest athletes of our time –  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lebron James, Michael Jordan or Derek Poundstone (Worlds Strongest Man) all keep a detailed training log. It is a cornerstone for elite athletes to grown and progress.

This is just as important as your running shoes or gym shorts.  It is critical to you succeeding as an athlete and make forward progress.

To get started – you can buy one for about $2 at a local drug store or supermarket.

You can also keep your training log with an app like Strava, Run with GPS or by logging into any online service.

I still use a written daily journal for both work but use an app for my workouts. Some athletes keep a written journal while others like the excel spreadsheet.  Some use the Iphone or go online and post to their blog or a website like beyond the whiteboard.

No matter how you keep your training log – make sure you find a simple method that you know you will use daily.

Video – Workout Training Log Improvement Tips

Your journal will consist of your workouts, diet, sleep, rest and recovery (yoga session).

Write down your goals in your training journal.  Make your goals precise and detailed and a date that you will accomplish.

Write in your training log daily (or keep notes in an online journal).  Even if you had a rest day then write down how you felt, how sore you were or if any injuries.  Note your diet for that day and sleep hours. Was your sleep tossing and turning? Restful sleep? Write it down.

Track your rest so that you are very familiar with the amount of rest you need to be fresh. Each athlete is different so do not just go with what your friend or trainer says.  Know how you feel and study your training log to find out how much you need to be rested to get that new PR.

Note if you are working long hours and the type of work.  You may be standing on the floor of Home Depot for long hours or doing back breaking work landscaping.  This will have an effect on your workouts and you want to have that all recorded.

Take time to review your log as you will find clues to future performance.  You can track times that are being lowered and seeing how many hours or days are needed to keep those increases going.  Same for new PR’s on heavy lifts.  Those days that you come in fresh after rest are often your days to hit a new high.

I currently (since 2015) have been using Strava an online app. I write notes on the weights and reps. You can follow me here:

Keeping your training log up to date and full of information will help you to improve as an athlete.  Get out there and clock that next workout and load up your log with good info to get you on your way towards that next PR. Good luck

If you have any questions on improving your training log or any exercises please email

Question: Coach Brad; I dont like posting to Facebook as that has all kinds of privacy issues. I really dont need Facebook to show that I am accountable. What to do?

Answer: You dont have to post on facebook – they big key is to post in a training log that works for you. If you like going old school with a written training log that is great. But you must keep a training log. Post a photo of your entry for that day and text it to your coach. Either way – find a way to write in your training log and be accountable to your coach.

For the SGPT members accountability group – we use Facebook as it gives myself (the Coach) and others (your peers) a shareable platform that others can see and review. You know that you will perform at a higher level if you have others reviewing your home work. You also want to have your Coach be able to view your homework. That way – we know that you are coachable (one of the cornerstone of any elite athlete or team).

You can check out the SGPT Underground Bunker Members area here. Accountability is a foundation for progress and we use that to our full advantage at SGPT.

Question: Coach Brad; I have a couple of buddies and we are all trying to lose 200 lbs between the 5 of us and also get in better shape. Do you think I should sign up for a CrossFit gym or go to LA Fitness?

Answer: If you have enough money for a CrossFit membership and you feel comfortable with that type of workout then go for it. Make sure to do an on-ramp class to get you back in good form with the barbell and movements.

SEALgrinderPT can provide you with custom workouts and programs to increase your strength, flexibility, lower your running times and increase speed.  For more info check out or contact SEALgrinderPT at to get started today.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting you on your path to your goals today.

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